Monday, August 20, 2012

Hexagram 2 Kun / The Receptive, Earth

Hoarfrost underfoot in autumn
What could be the ultimatum?
Solid ice is not far off
Foreboding ills and not a line at which to scoff!

Straight, square, great
Without purpose, mysterious gates
A touch of Heaven in Earth
Cultivating human nature and fate; being gives birth

Hidden lines, abilities remain concealed
If working for a king, fame should not appeal
Completing works like mother
But venture no farther

A tied-up sack
Due to the rulers’ or adepts’ own lack
Heaven and Earth close
Consequently no Tao all under Heaven and the able hide to be unexposed

A yellow lower garment brings supreme good fortune
Beauty within which expresses itself is opportune
If from the depths of Kun emerges the Light
The Golden Flower can be within sight

Dragons fight in the meadow
Their blood is black and yellow
Not knowing the origins of the Creative and the Receptive
A mare futilely attempts to overturn Qian and Kun in perspective

Lasting perseverance furthers
To prevent any foreseeable murders
Without Yijing guidance, if the Junzi try to lead they will go astray
For yielding, devotion, central, firmness, and sincerity constitute the earthly Way

Allan Lian

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