Sunday, February 10, 2013

An accurate Guan Yin Oracle (4)

In the first article on January 21, 2012 I have had mentioned that it was worthwhile for investors to interpret the following prediction in an accurate Guan Yin Oracle although I would not know when its timing will come to an end:

Silkworms and grain will yield only half a crop, but your herds will bring you better profit.

Since many would not have the wherewithal knowledge to decipher its cryptic message, the follow up article titled “An accurate Guan Yin Oracle (2)” on May 7, 2012 provided an interpretation (and elaboration on the particular prediction) in line with my wish to make phenomenon easy to understand and simple to follow by readers or users:

‘It is better to invest in stocks and shares rather than investing in commodities’.

With the interpretation, this second article proved very popular to readers especially among those from Singapore. Its popularity has since surged and has surpassed the previous articles on Hexagram 62 and on the Hua Hu Ching when global stock markets kept on rising in the second half of 2012.

Since stocks and commodities markets also wax and wane, a hint on the timing of their waning according to a prognostication from the Book of Changes was also given in the second article, and duly explained in the third article.

So far the interpreted prediction that ‘It is better to invest in stocks and shares rather than investing in commodities’ still holds true. Since Singaporean and global stocks have performed very well, while commodities prices have either stagnated or dropped, in 2012 up to January 2013. To date, Asian stocks have reached their eighteen months high while US stocks have climbed to their highest in five years according to Bloomberg reports.

Therefore, is it not both fascinating and profound that a single sentence in an accurate Guan Yin Oracle and similar to a line prognostication from the Book of Changes (Yijing / Yi) can tell us so much about what is going to happen in the global financial markets?

Is it not probable through extended divination experiences to determine the timing of future events – the waxing and waning of financial markets in this instance – just by analyzing a prognostication, the accompanying hexagram, and/or the attributes of its trigrams?

Continuing to improve our art of Yijing divination and the science of interpretation can bring aficionados a step closer to divine like a spirit and thereafter to assist the gods.

Readers who believed in the accuracy of a Guan Yin Oracle and in my ability to correctly interpret the prediction and have accordingly invested in stocks and shares in 2012 instead of commodities, would have increased their wealth.

With this sudden increase in wealth, it is suggested that these particular readers make a donation to their favorite charity to benefit the needy and the poor for some merits which is in line with the teachings in the Book of Changes. Those from Singapore should also make a contribution to their favorite temple of Guan Yin to help out with its maintenance for the benefit of her devotees. This would also assist the gods.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Anonymous said...

If not mistaken, I remember you said 'to hide' last year, there will be financial disaster. stil valid?

Allan said...

Anonymous, I take special care to write articles and provide hints. Financial disasters can either befall on individuals, companies, countries and/or the world.

Chinese New Year is a good time to visit a Daoist or Guan Yin temple to obtain an oracle (qin) from the gods for this year’s fortune. It is the most economical mode in this day and age to know if there is going to be a financial disaster up ahead or not.