Thursday, February 21, 2013

When the Book of Changes say

In November 2012, I had bought in more shares of a company listed on the Bursa (KLSE) and my remisier (commissioned dealer’s representative) asked why I was buying so heavily into the stock and what my expected return was.

The expected return is not much, I had told him then, only around 30% to 50% and the Book of Changes say it is alright to buy into the particular stock. (The returns are based on my table of fortune indications, devised in 1993, for the 64 hexagrams of the Yijing. These fortune indications coincidentally tie up with those indicated in the Ma Qian Ke accredited to Zhuge Liang.)

The stock became the sole counter in my basket (yes, I know it is against the prudent advice of stock investment gurus who advocate a basket of at least five different counters) and it recently went up accordingly. While I held onto most of it hoping for the expected 50% return, I have taken some profits when its price hit a 42% return on my investment.

It is noted that retail investors have been selling down their stockholdings in the Bursa for the past four months aware that the calling of the Malaysian General Elections will cause the KLSE listed stocks to fall notwithstanding the overall performance of global stock markets.

In case the particular stock price could go higher than my expectations, I consulted if I could buy more and this is what the Book of Changes has indicated:

Six at the beginning of Hexagram 39 Jian / Obstruction means:

Going leads to obstruction, coming meets with praise.

Nine in the fifth place means:

In the midst of the greatest obstructions, friends come.

With the two line change, Hexagram 36 Ming Yi / Darkening of the Light become the resultant hexagram.

When the Book of Changes say there is danger up ahead, retreat is the best option.

Since with this oracle the teacher has told me a number of things including the timing on the markets and on the call for General Elections, I have sold most of the particular stock on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 to realize the gains without waiting for the targeted 50% return and is now holding 82% in cash and 18% in stocks waiting for the right moment for action.

Most of the gains (about 40% return on investment) will be withdrawn and to be placed in a time deposit – if readers want to know something about the timing.


Anonymous said...

Your fortune indications is for private use only or can be share?

Anonymous said...

Down first then recover (friends come), correct?

Allan said...


If you are a Yijing aficionado and want to know more about fortune indications, read the Ma Qian Ke to learn it from the great Zhuge Liang.

“Friends come” can have different connotations depending on what the Book of Changes actually wanted to tell the diviner. Your guess is correct at the simple level. That is all I am prepared to say.

You can read more about “Friends come” either in the Ma Qian Ke and/or my articles related on this particular term.