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To resolve lingering doubts

Perhaps after reading through the last three entries on past divinations - two by Sam Crane and one by me - Yi students and experts may think what was written sounded too incredible to believe especially of the omen, ‘Another 9/11’. It is understandable since many of the students and experts have not read or heard about the possibilities of such foreknowledge. That was why when the omen was posted in the I Ching Forum in May 2003, it was met with the same incredulity. A few had chosen to call me a false prophet at the time.

You see, when people have studied the Yi for a few decades, they tend to think they know much about the Book of Changes and Yi divinations. Just like learning Tao, only the sincere and earnest understand there is much they do not know and still much to learn. (Think Confucius and Laozi)

The Doctrine of the Mean (Chung Yung) says that the sincere possess the ability to foreknow. Perhaps as a consolation, not many throughout the ages have reached the level of sincerity required for such foreknowledge. However some in the West like Richard Wilhelm, Carl Jung and the most recent, Sam Crane can be said to have attained the ability to foreknow. Probably there are more who foreknow, but if their Yi divinations remain unpublished they remain relatively obscure. Of course in this day and age, there are many fakes, quacks and plagiarists plying in the net who think of nothing except influence and gain, therefore we need to discern between the false, the real and those who possess integrity.

It reminds me of a member of the I Ching Forum who had posted some of my thoughts on Hexagram 2 Kun in the Wikipedia back in 2003 under his own name, implying that the hexagram relates to terrorist bombings. His posts were rightfully ignored by Wikipedia, because they make no sense without further explanations on how Kun relates to omens, terrorists and bombings. That is why one does not fully explain interpretation of omens, although hints are given all over the place, and I disallow entries to be emailed or copied; to discourage plagiarism of what has been written.

To be fair to regular readers and to share insights and experience, I append some relevant posts on ‘Another 9/11’ made mid 2003 in the I Ching Forum under the pseudonym, Chuko Kungming:

1) Recently, I obtained an Oracle from the Zhouyi which is almost similar to the one that preceded the Sept 11th 2001 "incident". According to my analysis of the Oracle, the Yi could be telling me this:

"Certain groups of (faithful) people (acting as tourists/travelers) are planning to blow up buildings and trains this summer."

Further explanations:

Faithful people likely to be Moslems, who may be traveling as tourists.
This time the buildings may also include museums and railway stations.
The "incidents" may happen in US, Europe (England more likely target), and in Japan this summer, within three weeks of each "incident”, if any.
There will be deaths but maybe fewer than the 9/11 tragedy. [May 29]

2) Whilst analyzing this "omen”, I also analyzed the omen on the 9/11 incident and found out that the Yi was trying to tell me the following:

"Groups of evil doers (terrorists?)/faithful people (Moslems?) use petrol/oils (burn?) and ambush (the method used?) buildings/empty land in the North or North-east (USA?) Danger. Many dead." [May 29]

3) Marshall, Thank you very much for your guidance on how to find the directions using the two diagrams. I have briefly checked out the general directions and find them both very appropriate. (My country was used as the reference point.) Upon these checks, Japan should now be excluded. [May 30]

4) Similar to my recent advice to my younger sister (who also consults the Yi) and her family who now live in New York, I would suggest to those readers who live in the US and Europe that as a preventive measure during the relevant time period, you should try to:

Avoid popular tourists spots, including buildings.
Avoid museums, libraries and research centers.
Avoid taking trains where possible, and not to loiter in train stations.

For those who want to feel more secure, to stock up on some canned food and beverages. Make sure there is enough food for your children for a few days.(There is no wastage if nothing happens.)

According to my analysis, the "omen" should unfold between the dates of 22nd June and 26th June 2003 inclusive.

However for the sake of prudence, it is advisable to take the suggested preventive measures for the time period commencing from the 16th of June to the first week of July 2003(US and European dates), just in case the expected events start earlier or end later. [June 14]

5) WASHINGTON, June 19 — “A suspected al-Qaida operative has pleaded guilty to two terrorism-related charges after he was identified by a top leader of Osama bin Laden’s terror network, U.S. officials said Thursday.
THE MAN, Iyman Faris, a U.S. citizen from Columbus, Ohio, also known as Mohammed Rauf, was personally identified by Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who is believed to have been al-Qaida’s top terrorist planner, U.S. officials told NBC News’ Pete Williams, who first reported the plea agreement.
The officials said Mohammed, who was captured March 1 in Pakistan, told U.S. authorities that Faris, 34, had been assigned to look into ways to bring down the Brooklyn Bridge and derail trains, among other potential attacks.

A U.S. official told NBC News that the plea was a “highly significant” development in the war on terrorism and that Faris had been cooperating with interrogators since his arrest. He pleaded guilty May 1, but Judge Leonie Brinkema unsealed the case record in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Va., after his plea was reported Thursday morning by NBC News.

Faris pleaded guilty to providing material support to a terrorist organization and conspiracy to provide such support, Attorney General John Ashcroft said at a news briefing Thursday afternoon in Washington. He faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison when he is sentenced Aug. 1.” [News from MSNBC]

It is good to see that the US authorities are doing their job to protect their citizens. So did France through the recent arrests of Iranian suspects. [June 19]

In case readers still doubt my sincerity and integrity, here is what Steve Marshall, a highly respected and honorable Yi scholar in the West, has to say about me on the study of the Yi:

“I was pleased to see that Allan Lian has started a blog dedicated to the Zhouyi, Daoist Immortals, and suchlike. I first came across Allan discussing the Yijing in a web forum and found him one of the very few I have encountered who has a true age-old approach to it, which comes from reading with interest and knowing well such works as the Analects of Confucius, Shujing, Book of Rites, and many others. Interest in Chinese literature besides the Yi is unfortunately rare among westerners who pretend to study the Book of Changes, so much so talk of the subject is all of a level, confined to endlessly recycled second-hand knowledge utterly divorced from any serious grounding in the Chinese classics. ………….” [ April 14, 2005]

Of course, there is still much to learn since I only know a touch of ancients and the Zhouyi. With this entry, I do hope more readers will be convinced of the possibility of such foreknowledge just as the ancients had indicated which also relates to Heaven's secrets since sincerity is a Way of Heaven.

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