Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ways of Heaven

Perhaps one is luckier than most in the self study of the Yi, because of various discussions with Daoist deities, immortals and buddhas on related matters as well as opportunities to compare divinations with predictions from these divinities. Most of the divine predictions on matters of importance are obtained and passed on by friends or relatives either for a confirmation with my existing divinations or for me to confirm with the Yi.

Over time one has perhaps learn some ways of Heaven not recorded or written in books of Yi studies. Therefore sometimes one knows that certain methods of consultation work better than others not only because they were tested through time, such methods had also been compared with the ways of divinities. Although being mortal, and therefore not foolproof, the methods invariably work most of the time.

One may not be as learned and earnest as many in Yi studies, however there have been occasions (and more to come) when what is written in this blog is related to Ways of Heaven. And the entire 'picture' may not be 'painted' in one entry. After all there is not much point to inform the insincere or those who think their Western teachers or them know more about matters of Heaven. It is always safer and one may remain blameless if heaven’s secrets are revealed in bits and pieces or through hints. Then only the sincere and those who are perceptive enough will receive the relevant messages.

By doing so one could be following a way of Heaven too.

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