Sunday, September 10, 2006

The good horse has returned

The horse that flew like a Pegasus early July has finally returned home. While one expected it to return sometime in August together with the wild horses, it came back on its own a few days ago. Well, a good horse would not keep its owner waiting and worried too long, I suppose. The horse looks lean and tough after the good run it had with the wild horses.

The horse, representing the GT shares, became a Pegasus when the shares doubled in price within a month. The momentum in the mad rush for the shares pushed its price way beyond my fivefold target of 50. It shot through 70 which was actually my next target for the shares. Thereafter the shares range bounded and hovered between the 50s and 60s for the past few weeks, while other shares (the wild horses) were falling like ten pins.

Even my friends and relatives were concerned, the past couple of weeks, that the horse had not yet returned. They had also sold all their GT shares in July and were eagerly waiting for its ‘expected’ fall in prices. My reply to them then when asked was: ‘If you are concerned about missing the boat, then you can always buyback some shares. One is not a ShenXian, one would not know when or if the GT share price will come down.’

Well, as indicated by the Yi a few months ago, it did. Without any plausible reasons, the share price suddenly fell to the 30s this week. That is why the good horse has returned. It came back to the prices one bought the shares at in June before it bolted and flew. (Refer to entries on Do not chase after the horse (7) & (8) July 05 and 09 2006 respectively.)

Talk about timing and trade. No matter how rich or poor we are, capital is always limited. If we get the timing right and know how to trade then we can make money. My friends and relatives who had follow my advice and actions closely have their wealth increased. If they had ventured and bought some other shares notwithstanding my indication that the low liners will fall 50% to 60% after the sale in early July, it is not my concern. They have to learn to stand on their own two feet and not try to be a ShenXian to their friends and relatives. (One has good reasons to say that.) It is not my responsibility to make them into ShenXian.

Now whether it is time to buyback the GT shares or not at all, how would I know?

A word of advice: If we have something to do, attend to it quickly. If we have nothing to do, then go up the mountains.

Meanwhile the horse tired after the long run retires to the stables. It is a good horse, mark my words. That is why the Yi have indicated Wei Ji / Before Completion.

Hopefully Yi diviners and students have also been increased by reading and following the ongoing live case study of the prognostication – Hexagram 38 Kui / Opposition with the first line moving and the resultant Hexagram 64 Wei Ji / Before Completion – in nine entries (including this concluding entry). And if after reading the case study, some still insist that the Yi cannot foretell the future, so be it. Perhaps they have already reached their utmost level of divination, interpretation and understanding. (Murphy's Law) And no longer need to learn.


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