Friday, September 01, 2006

When there is Tao

While millions of people have heard of and/or like to learn about Tao, not many can discern the duality concept of things. Through their readings, studies, and discussions, perhaps they could understand the duality concept between light and dark, heaven and earth, yin yang, female and male. But, they tend to miss what has been taught by the ancients. The ‘moon’ is not the duality, neither is the so called ‘arm’ that points to the moon.

In reality, duality exists. So does life and death. (That is also a duality.) If students or scholars insist in closing their eyes and ears to further learning and think they know all about duality. Good. There is nothing much for them to know in this entry.

After all, this discussion is meant for the esoteric – be they Buddhists, Confucians or Daoists – and those who practice breath control meditation and/or cultivate Tao.

In the past, ancients have taught about the center and the Tao. Within the center there is a duality (TTC). Upon reaching the center, one could attain Tao through emptiness. But in between the far journey, one could also encounter the opposite to Tao. And what is that, if you do not know it already?

In their texts, classics and sutras, the ancients had given warnings to cultivators, so did the Daoist immortals. More recently, various immortals have reiterated their warnings in planchette messages. In their paraphrased message, they say: ‘When there is Tao, there is Mo, be wary of this.’

Mo is the Chinese word for Demon(s). In this context, we are not looking at the duality of ‘Kuei Shen’ but something more sinister and powerful. Just like Kuei (ghosts, dark spirits), Mo (Demons) roam this earth. They take every opportunity to harm or injure human beings especially those who cultivate.

In the Leng Yen, Buddha had warned cultivators who meditate of the need to be circumspect and modest, lest they succumbed to demons’ influences at various stages of cultivation. Lu Dongbin in the Secret of the Golden Flower had also mentioned this: Furthermore, one must not fall victim to the ensnaring world. The ensnaring world is where the five kinds of dark demons disport themselves… Nor must a man be led astray by the ten thousand ensnarements …and enter the world of illusory desires.

This provides a valid reason why cultivators need the light and warmth during meditation to ward off the evil. And perhaps the need to learn under a real neidan master or a Daoist immortal who could discern if the student has succumbed to the influences of demons.

Hopefully, after reading through this entry, more students and cultivators can see the Light in things?

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