Thursday, September 28, 2006

A tip on timing

While it differs from year to year, the Zhouyi yearly chart at times remain almost unchanged. If you do not already know how to, it is difficult to explain how to draw up a yearly chart using intuition and awareness. It also takes much time and effort because of the deep pondering required. However if a good friend or a close relative wants to select a fortunate date for doing something special and of importance like marriage or celebrating a birthday, one can still oblige by looking up the charts.

For this year, 2006, one has relied on a yearly chart done years ago and it still works for my investment in shares in Malaysia. That probably explains why one could with certain accuracy predict when the local share market will rise and fall and by what percentage over the past several months. After the recent low liners predicted fall of 50% to 60% between mid July and mid September, it is time for these particular shares to go up again. The million dollar question is when?

Except for the contrarians, not many investors like to buy when share prices are falling and most like to chase when share prices rise. But readers are aware one follows the Yi. And for share investments, one also monitors the timing shown in the drawn up Yi monthly charts for the year.

The charts show that the low liners would flare up in the KLSE next week. To make some money, it may be the right time to buy some shares this week, rather than chase after them at higher prices next week. How much and what shares to buy, if any, will be up to any Malaysian reading this entry. It could be wise to set target prices for buying and selling. And not wait too long for higher profits. Low liners tend to rise and fall quickly. It largely depends on the timing, the volume, value and velocity of trade.

For Yi aficionados, this is one way to read and know about timing. And over the years, the Zhouyi yearly charts had tied in with the fortunate and unlucky dates given or indicated by Daoist deities for special occasions. Therefore if a Yi yearly chart drawn is accurate, it can be relied upon.

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Interesting... Chartist in KL, be them Yi or TA inclined, are paying attention. I just saw this:

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