Sunday, November 05, 2006

A luck star (Fu Sing)

Some people are born lucky. These lucky ones never have to worry about the next meal or where the money will come from. Success and money seems to follow them.

Then there are those who always seemed to bring luck and opportunities to benefit other fellow human beings. These people could be luck stars (Fu Sing), if those who had benefited take their time to understand what had really happened. During the time of Chinese dynasties, there were quite a number of stories concerning larger luck stars who worked for emperors. These ministers or generals always have the ability to turn danger around and helped save their ruler(s) or country.

This chap seems to be one who creates luck for others. During the early 1950’s Emergency in Malaya, the British herded Chinese families from nearby areas into various designated New Villages. The drastic action taken was to contain the Chinese community from giving food and money to help the Malayan Communists. Food and milk were then rationed to each family in the village. However families with newborn babies get extra daily rations. This chap was born during those troubled times and his parents sometimes used the extra rations to barter for other necessities for the entire family.

When he was 10, during recess, he found a wad of money lying on the floor, picked it up and promptly handed all the notes over to the school headmaster. It was some poor kid’s money to pay for the school fees and the purchase of books at the start of a new term. At 15, whenever he dropped into his friend’s cafĂ©, the quiet place seemed to fill up ever so quickly. After a while, his older friend took notice and even complained of it, because he had to overwork each time the chap walked in for a chat.

When he reached adulthood, wherever he worked, his employers’ businesses seemed to pick up with new jobs created. Whenever he regularly posts at internet forums, membership starts to increase. When his children grew up and began to notice that the empty restaurants the family walked into for food quickly became full after a short while, he told them about the phenomenon. It has happened since childhood till today.

Over the decades, he has helped his parents, relatives and friends create wealth through well timed investments and/or disposals. He had also helped turned around a failing and cash strapped group of companies through well timed deals which increased the owner’s wealth tenfold. The workforce in the hundreds instead of being made redundant if the business had failed had since tripled.

Was he born lucky? No. Is he a luck star (Fu Sing)? You decide. I am only the story teller and the story is also for free.

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