Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Yi has already spoken

In the early part of 2006 when asked, the Yi told Professor Sam Crane a few things about President Bush, D Cheney and Hillary Clinton. As indicated in previous entries, some of these things have come to past and some waiting to happen. Only time will tell. (No, we do not need twenty years to look back at history or Iraq!)

The question by Sam Crane for Hillary Clinton in February 2006 was what she should do in her political future. The answer from the Yi was Hexagram 6 Conflict which changed to Hexagram 28 Preponderance of the Great. One posted a comment at the Useless Tree blog after pondering on Yi’s answer. The comment then was as follows:

“Perhaps the Yi is simply advising her to be sincere and not be cunning. A war won by cunning will result in the outcome depicted by the top line of Hexagram 6.
She has to drop her current line of attack on the Iraqi war (Conflict), perhaps the wrong strategy.
My further advice to her is to learn more from her husband, former President Clinton about sincerity and benevolence. Clinton can be considered a lucky president who brought back prosperity to the US.”

Whether she did read the blog and followed the advice given by both Sam Crane and me, one does not know. But from the online news report over the past several months, she hardly mentioned about the war in Iraq. Perhaps she found it wise to do so. Since the many that spoke thereafter against the ongoing conflict in Iraq were castigated as siding with terrorists and their loyalty to their country questioned!

After all school children are not supposed to question their principal’s pet project even if it has fared badly and wasted much resources? That probably would happen in Asia, but having studied in England for a few years, Western students seemed much bolder than Asians. And in any democracy, surely there is some freedom of speech?

The Yi has also told Professor Crane about what could befall D Cheney if he does not do the honorable thing. Mr. Cheney has been given more time to reconsider since the Libby case will only be heard early 2007.

For President Bush, perhaps fate has a hand in it. Whoever proposed and/or selected the date for this November 7 US election would probably know nothing about the timing in Yi studies. The irony is that the selected date falls on the first line of Hexagram 2 Kun / The Receptive which says: When there is hoarfrost underfoot, solid ice is not far off.

When signs of decay appear, we need to heed the warnings and take steps to check it vigorously otherwise the rot can bring the house down. If we try to remedy things at the last minute it will be too late to do anything worthwhile.

Coupled with Yi’s answer to Professor Sam in January on President Bush’s Annual Hexagram for 2006 which came with the warning in Hexagram 3 Chun / Difficulty in the Beginning, the President did not heed the signs of decay nor check them in time. He had ten months to. Obviously facing the dilemma of whether to withdraw or proceed as indicated in the first line of Kun, now boils down to fate.

Probably it explains the incoherent things both the US President and his Vice President were doing as indicated by this article in the Nation by David Corn titled “Do Bush and Cheney want to lose?”
[http: //news.yahoo.com/s/thenation/20061106/

By going against the people’s wishes and not caring about the common good, perhaps they have much to lose since both appeared as if they have lost the way. And unlucky for both, the people has recourse since the US is a democracy and all the signs indicate that they are going to vote today for change.

On several occasions one had indicated that the Yi really talks to Professor Sam Crane. The Yi has spoken on Hillary Clinton, D Cheney and President Bush. The President was given much time to rectify things. Today the US people will speak their minds and tell their President what they really think of him, his cronies, policies, and past misdeeds, if any.

Good Luck Mr. Bush. You may need much more luck than this to change Fate since the Yi has already spoken.


cjb said...

Nobody chose Nov. 7 as the date for the election. Elections are always held the first Tuesday in November unless there is a need to call a special election.

Allan said...

Hi cjb and welcome!

Thank you for this information.

You will notice that the first Tuesday in November can fall on any day within the first week of that month in any year. In Yi studies, the first week of November straddles two hexagrams that of Pi and Kun. November 7 the date of this US election happens to fall in Kun.

Whether we look back at US history or not, it seems logical to say a past sitting President or Congress would have determined the first Tuesday in November suitable for such elections. After many years, it may have become custom.