Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Yi is right yet again

In late August, one had asked the Yi about the intended investment in two public companies quoted in the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. The timing was ripe to buy since the shares had fallen heavily after their rise in July and according to the Yi monthly charts, share prices will go up in October.

The Yi replied with hexagram 54 Gui Mei / The Marrying Maiden for one of them and with hexagram 51 Zhen / The Arousing [Shock / Thunder] for the other. Upon posting the entries on the prognostications together with the interpretations, one proceeded to purchase shares in both companies, overweighing on shares of the particular (Zhen) company. Since it is not known which shares would move up first and to spread risks, one also bought back some GT shares and other low liners in September and early October. As explained to my son who recently asked why I did not placed all my money in the (Zhen) company, as an investor, it will prove wiser to own a basket of shares, rather than put all the money on one particular share counter.

In the expected October rally, the price of the (Gui Mei) shares hardly moved up, while the price of the (Zhen) shares flared up and momentarily breached my set target on October 30th. The (Zhen) shares were promptly sold. Both oracles unfolded according to what the Yi had indicated. The rest of the share investments were sold last week, since one expects change (a downward move) during the month of November. The GT shares had risen by 67 % from its lows in September. Friends and relatives who had followed the timing of the purchases and sales also made good money. If they have sold all their shares too, the only things to do now is patiently wait for the expected change or go away for a long deserved holiday.

The people of USA have spoken and voted the Democrats into power in both the House (Congress) and the Senate. If President Bush of the Republican Party has taken remedial actions earlier as indicated by the Yi to Professor Sam Crane, the President would not have to face such a situation. Perhaps he chose to believe in what Pat Robertson had predicted in January, and I qoute “that 2006 is a good year for Bush and the Republicans in Congress. And (wait for it) bad for most everyone else! This according to Mr. Robertson was revealed to him in his conversation with God.”

Notwithstanding what Mr. Robertson had indicated with his ‘powerful’ message (which was backed by God), one chose to rely on what the Yi told Professor Crane about President Bush’s year in 2006.

The gist of my interpretation on Hexagram 3 Tun / Difficulty in the Beginning (the annual hexagram for President Bush) was that the President will face a difficult year and if he does not correct the perceived wrongs early, he could face unemployment in 2006. Whether the expression of a lame duck President fits the bill of unemployment, one cannot be sure since there are still three more months to go before the Chinese Year ends in February 2007. But the Yi has been correct so far on the fate of President Bush and his officials, therefore one believes the Yi oracles given to Professor Crane in the past will unfold according to my various earlier interpretations.

Meanwhile one is glad to say that the Yi is right, yet again.

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