Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A short Boxing Day story

This story is only for Christians and Daoists who believe in the existence of Jesus Christ and Heavenly immortals respectively. It is not meant for skeptics. Please do not sue me if you do not believe in their existence or do not like the story!

Sometime last year my Daoist friend and I had a chat on which immortals usually frequent his temple and affiliated temples in Hong Kong. While the main divine visitors were the ancestor master(s) and the northern patriarchs of Quanzhen, many other divinities had also graced the temples. According to him, Jesus Christ had once graced an affiliated temple in Hong Kong. To the surprise of those disciples present, Jesus announced his presence – all divinities identify themselves the same way – and began speaking in that Quanzhen temple. When asked, my Daoist friend had forgotten what Jesus said on that eventful day. It had been too many years ago.

Since it is hearsay, one would suggest readers take this story in with a pinch of salt. But if it is true, then Jesus did become a divinity. Whether he had attained heavenly immortality status or became a god is not for me to say. Perhaps the present Pope or past Holy Sees may have spoken to Jesus Christ and would probably know?


Rodrigo said...

Hi Allan

Good story; I would like to be friend of you, and of your Daoist friend.

Had you ever consult Yijing about Sage's opinion about Jesus?

You would like the answer, I guess.

Best wishes

vachon said...


I just came upon your blog after looking up Hexagram 6/Conflict.

I've used the I Ching on and off for over 20 years and it has dawned on me recently that the hexagrams may not be discussing the exterior world, but the interior one.

It's true I have a distressing conflict at work, but more importantly, I am conflicted about how to handle it.

Thank you so much for your insights into this hexagram. I look forward to visiting your blog in the comming year.


Allan said...

Hi Rodrigo!

Both my Daoist friend and I welcome your friendship.

One usually does not ask the Yi about divinities unless there is a real reason to – like the question on why one of the Northern Patriarchs was excluded from Quanzhen. There was an entry on the answer from the Yi.



Allan said...

Hi vachon and welcome!

This blog is for everyone to share their thoughts and knowledge on the ancients, buddhas, immortals and the Zhouyi.