Monday, December 18, 2006

Will be away for a few days

I will be gone for a few days, taking my wife and children to an island resort for holidays. We had planned to visit the North and South Islands of New Zealand, but the five airlines serving the KL/NZ (direct and transit) route were fully booked from mid December to early January. No luck with the waiting list on Malaysian Airlines, the only airline which provide direct flights between KL and Auckland. One could not book the flights early without knowing the exact time table for my son’s public exams, and the date of his cyber games finals to be held in Singapore.

These are the rare times when one has some money to burn but no airlines wanted it! Probably the airlines are happy with their fully booked status and their super profits during this peak season for the route, a yearly occurrence – who really wants the hassle to fly a few more planeloads of fare paying passengers?

Well, we can always go next year, at the lower off-peak fare which will save a few thousand ringgits and spend the savings in NZ. Seeing the way they run their flight schedules, it would be sometime before I invest in shares of airlines again.

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