Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sun sets in the water

Bali has been voted the best island resort in the world a few times over, and our family went there for a well earned holiday the past few days. The religious fervor in Bali, Indonesia, is almost similar to those witnessed in Thailand, temples (Hindu instead of Buddhist) and shrines adorn the scenery and visible almost everywhere during the short trips to various popular tourist spots and centuries old Hindu temples. If you happen to visit Bali do not miss the magnificent sunsets in Tanah Lot, where the sun 'sinks' into the sea. I wonder whether neidan adepts can see the same high intensity of the light when the sun sets in water.

We flew to Bali on Tuesday and see what happened? States in Malaysia get flooded with several thousands of people displaced. Thailand announced controls for capital outflows on the same day and its share market fell 15% causing reverberations across the jittery Southeast Asian stock markets. No, while Allan has regained some Tao magic to foreknow, he does not have any power to move markets and cause havoc with the weather. Everything was coincidental or synchronized?

Nice to be back!

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