Monday, February 27, 2006

Special message from Lu Dongbin on Te

Daoist texts are often written for a specific purpose. Instead of the dual cultivation Laozi discussed in the Tao Te Ching, at times some teachings only concern meditation while others elaborated on the cultivation of virtues and/or rituals.

Readers familiar with ‘The Secret of the Golden Flower’ will find that Lu Dongbin in this text only discussed meditation and taught how with the practice of the ‘Circulation of the Light’ one can work on human nature (Xing). However neidan adepts also need to cultivate virtues to rectify the heart and mind and to refine life (Ming). Only through the dual cultivation of Xing and Ming can an adept attain Tao. This dual cultivation is what Neo Daoists term as the cultivation of essence and bodily life.

During late 2004, one was requested to start a thread in the Tao Forum to discuss Te. Many members contributed their valuable ideas and opinions on the subject. More than a century of posts later, Lu Dongbin apparently also wanted to have a say. His planchette message on Te appeared in his Daoist temple in Hong Kong together with an instruction to send it to my Daoist friend. My friend who was following the Te discussions in earnest told me about this special message received in late November 2004.

This summarized message (also posted in the thread) was perhaps to clarify that he (Lu) did not place any emphasis on the cultivation of virtues in his ‘Secret of the Golden Flower’ text:

"Lu Dongbin exhorted the disciples to keep the cardinal virtues in their hearts; with an explanation that practicing the virtues can rectify and perfect their hearts/minds. He further clarified that only through meditation and the cultivation of virtues can one attain Tao."

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Oracle on dark forces

Although some authors would like us to believe that ghosts, evil spirits and other dark forces were actually written in the original Zhouyi, one doubts such proposition(s) to be true. The proposition proves easy and simple to refute. The other four ancient Chinese classics, four Confucian books and the Daoist texts seldom mention about dark forces except in passing. The ancients would not have wanted to frighten students and scholars by elaborating on these unseen and at times malevolent forces in their teachings. What could the ancients possibly gain from writing about these dark forces?

After all, similar to the Zhouyi, the ancient classics, books and texts teach virtuous and proper conduct, the Light and the Tao. What we consider ancient wisdom. If students and scholars are not ready to know about light and dark forces, unless they can see or feel these unseen forces, how could they know?

As an illustration, Confucius answered questions on serving ‘spirits of the dead’ and on death respectively with this: “While you are not able to serve men, how can you serve their spirits (kuei/ghosts)?” And this: “While you do not know life, how can you know about death?” [Analects 11. 11]

However depending on your own divinatory and interpretation skills, the Yi does answer to questions on phenomena such as light forces (shen - gods, immortals and good spirits) and dark forces (kuei - ghosts and evil spirits). That’s why the Yi is profound and we still have much to learn.

In line with this thought on Yi studies, one will just write down the oracle from the Yi in reply to my recent question on dark forces, for readers to ponder on. I will write my interpretation in another entry and see whether we have read the oracle in the same way.

The question put to the Yi was on why the dark forces had wanted to harm my two children. The oracle came in the form of Hexagram 31 Xian / Influence with a changing first line and a resultant Hexagram 49 Ge / Revolution:

Influence. Success. Perseverance furthers. To take a maiden to wife brings good fortune.

Six at the beginning means:
The influence shows itself in the big toe.

Revolution. On your own day you are believed. Supreme success, furthering through perseverance. Remorse disappears. [W/B]

Over the past three decades, this was only the second time I had asked about these dark forces. The first such oracle had been posted in the Light and dark forces Apr 23 entry.

Have fun pondering and trying to interpret this oracle on dark forces.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Forgotten what to say

Sitting down
Keeping still
The body shakes
Within contemplation
Snow seems to fly

Spring turns into summer
Palms get hotter
The belly is on fire

Achieving quietness
Amidst the incessant singing

A light shines forth
The breath begins to flow
Distant stars
From a tiny hole

Examine the light
Witness the gates
Watch the colors
And forget what to say

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tao Te Ching, Chapter 45

"Great achievements seem like drawbacks yet there are none. Great surpluses seem like dilutions yet they are unlimited. Great straightness stretches until it appears bent.

Great skills seem clumsy. Great debates seem like stammers.

Restlessness overcomes cold, stillness overcomes heat. Clarity and quietness corrects the world."

The above is my simple rendition of Chapter 45 of the Tao Te Ching. The first sentence of the last verse can also be translated as ‘Stillness overcomes restlessness, cold overcomes heat’. However it does not quite make sense therefore one follows the various established translators; since I was not too sure about the quality of the Mandarin version read on the web.

The Chinese for ‘Zheng’ which appeared as the last word in the chapter contains multiple meanings such as correct, correctness, upright, central, just and honest depending on what Laozi wanted to say.

Based on the assumption that in this chapter, Laozi was talking about sitting and forgetting, through the actions of stillness, clarity and quietness; the cultivator corrects his/her world.

Again, please remember to take the rendition with a pinch of salt.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

To resolve lingering doubts

Perhaps after reading through the last three entries on past divinations - two by Sam Crane and one by me - Yi students and experts may think what was written sounded too incredible to believe especially of the omen, ‘Another 9/11’. It is understandable since many of the students and experts have not read or heard about the possibilities of such foreknowledge. That was why when the omen was posted in the I Ching Forum in May 2003, it was met with the same incredulity. A few had chosen to call me a false prophet at the time.

You see, when people have studied the Yi for a few decades, they tend to think they know much about the Book of Changes and Yi divinations. Just like learning Tao, only the sincere and earnest understand there is much they do not know and still much to learn. (Think Confucius and Laozi)

The Doctrine of the Mean (Chung Yung) says that the sincere possess the ability to foreknow. Perhaps as a consolation, not many throughout the ages have reached the level of sincerity required for such foreknowledge. However some in the West like Richard Wilhelm, Carl Jung and the most recent, Sam Crane can be said to have attained the ability to foreknow. Probably there are more who foreknow, but if their Yi divinations remain unpublished they remain relatively obscure. Of course in this day and age, there are many fakes, quacks and plagiarists plying in the net who think of nothing except influence and gain, therefore we need to discern between the false, the real and those who possess integrity.

It reminds me of a member of the I Ching Forum who had posted some of my thoughts on Hexagram 2 Kun in the Wikipedia back in 2003 under his own name, implying that the hexagram relates to terrorist bombings. His posts were rightfully ignored by Wikipedia, because they make no sense without further explanations on how Kun relates to omens, terrorists and bombings. That is why one does not fully explain interpretation of omens, although hints are given all over the place, and I disallow entries to be emailed or copied; to discourage plagiarism of what has been written.

To be fair to regular readers and to share insights and experience, I append some relevant posts on ‘Another 9/11’ made mid 2003 in the I Ching Forum under the pseudonym, Chuko Kungming:

1) Recently, I obtained an Oracle from the Zhouyi which is almost similar to the one that preceded the Sept 11th 2001 "incident". According to my analysis of the Oracle, the Yi could be telling me this:

"Certain groups of (faithful) people (acting as tourists/travelers) are planning to blow up buildings and trains this summer."

Further explanations:

Faithful people likely to be Moslems, who may be traveling as tourists.
This time the buildings may also include museums and railway stations.
The "incidents" may happen in US, Europe (England more likely target), and in Japan this summer, within three weeks of each "incident”, if any.
There will be deaths but maybe fewer than the 9/11 tragedy. [May 29]

2) Whilst analyzing this "omen”, I also analyzed the omen on the 9/11 incident and found out that the Yi was trying to tell me the following:

"Groups of evil doers (terrorists?)/faithful people (Moslems?) use petrol/oils (burn?) and ambush (the method used?) buildings/empty land in the North or North-east (USA?) Danger. Many dead." [May 29]

3) Marshall, Thank you very much for your guidance on how to find the directions using the two diagrams. I have briefly checked out the general directions and find them both very appropriate. (My country was used as the reference point.) Upon these checks, Japan should now be excluded. [May 30]

4) Similar to my recent advice to my younger sister (who also consults the Yi) and her family who now live in New York, I would suggest to those readers who live in the US and Europe that as a preventive measure during the relevant time period, you should try to:

Avoid popular tourists spots, including buildings.
Avoid museums, libraries and research centers.
Avoid taking trains where possible, and not to loiter in train stations.

For those who want to feel more secure, to stock up on some canned food and beverages. Make sure there is enough food for your children for a few days.(There is no wastage if nothing happens.)

According to my analysis, the "omen" should unfold between the dates of 22nd June and 26th June 2003 inclusive.

However for the sake of prudence, it is advisable to take the suggested preventive measures for the time period commencing from the 16th of June to the first week of July 2003(US and European dates), just in case the expected events start earlier or end later. [June 14]

5) WASHINGTON, June 19 — “A suspected al-Qaida operative has pleaded guilty to two terrorism-related charges after he was identified by a top leader of Osama bin Laden’s terror network, U.S. officials said Thursday.
THE MAN, Iyman Faris, a U.S. citizen from Columbus, Ohio, also known as Mohammed Rauf, was personally identified by Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who is believed to have been al-Qaida’s top terrorist planner, U.S. officials told NBC News’ Pete Williams, who first reported the plea agreement.
The officials said Mohammed, who was captured March 1 in Pakistan, told U.S. authorities that Faris, 34, had been assigned to look into ways to bring down the Brooklyn Bridge and derail trains, among other potential attacks.

A U.S. official told NBC News that the plea was a “highly significant” development in the war on terrorism and that Faris had been cooperating with interrogators since his arrest. He pleaded guilty May 1, but Judge Leonie Brinkema unsealed the case record in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Va., after his plea was reported Thursday morning by NBC News.

Faris pleaded guilty to providing material support to a terrorist organization and conspiracy to provide such support, Attorney General John Ashcroft said at a news briefing Thursday afternoon in Washington. He faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison when he is sentenced Aug. 1.” [News from MSNBC]

It is good to see that the US authorities are doing their job to protect their citizens. So did France through the recent arrests of Iranian suspects. [June 19]

In case readers still doubt my sincerity and integrity, here is what Steve Marshall, a highly respected and honorable Yi scholar in the West, has to say about me on the study of the Yi:

“I was pleased to see that Allan Lian has started a blog dedicated to the Zhouyi, Daoist Immortals, and suchlike. I first came across Allan discussing the Yijing in a web forum and found him one of the very few I have encountered who has a true age-old approach to it, which comes from reading with interest and knowing well such works as the Analects of Confucius, Shujing, Book of Rites, and many others. Interest in Chinese literature besides the Yi is unfortunately rare among westerners who pretend to study the Book of Changes, so much so talk of the subject is all of a level, confined to endlessly recycled second-hand knowledge utterly divorced from any serious grounding in the Chinese classics. ………….” [ April 14, 2005]

Of course, there is still much to learn since I only know a touch of ancients and the Zhouyi. With this entry, I do hope more readers will be convinced of the possibility of such foreknowledge just as the ancients had indicated which also relates to Heaven's secrets since sincerity is a Way of Heaven.

All rights reserved.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Update on ‘Another 9/11’

‘Paper cannot enwrap fire’, the Chinese saying goes, which means that truth (like the fire) cannot lay hidden forever.

Sometime in early 2003 one was aware that the Yi wanted to tell me something significant. Whenever the Yi wants to talk to me in this manner it would concern a forth coming major event that could adversely affect the world financial and capital markets. Such oracles if obtained are called ‘Omens’.

Upon my asking, the Yi had given Hexagram 2 Kun with a moving fifth and top line which changed it to Hexagram 20. After pondering over the oracle for a while, one decided to post the omen together with the interpretations in the I Ching Forum on May 29, 2003 to share with likeminded fellows of the Yi. Since the prognostication was almost similar to another omen (which also happened to be Hexagram Kun) given by the Yi in 2001 prior to the September 11 bomb attacks, I coined the thread title, ‘Another 9/11 about to happen?’

With the help of Steve Marshall who advised the use of the Shao Yong and Xiantian circular diagrams to divine direction, I excluded Japan from the likely list of countries: US, Europe including England the more likely target that would be bombed by Moslem terrorists traveling as tourists.

This particular omen differed from the previous 9/11 omen because this time the terrorists would bomb buildings and trains with fewer deaths arising. In my pondering I was aware that the buildings may include a library, museum and research centre.

However the library did not quite make sense, after all what mileage could the terrorists get in bombing such a building? Yet there was a niggling doubt for leaving it out in my first post in the thread, therefore the library building was listed in a later warning to fellow Yi students who live in England and Europe or those who may plan to tour there during late June 2003, to avoid going into such buildings and train stations.

The government authorities of the world were on high alert that summer and many suspects were hauled in. Probably the authorities’ swift actions deferred the terrorists’ implementation of such plans. However, nine months later in March 2004, four terrorists bombed four trains in Madrid, Spain which killed 191 people and wounded more than 1,500 at railway stations. In July 2005 another four terrorists bombed London underground trains which killed more than 50 people and wounded hundreds. (Refer entries of July 07 Another 9/11 revisited, and July 25 Did the Yi indicate this [Exploring the significance of the number, Four])

As indicated in the first series of truth revelations –see the two previous entries – the US have kept some secrets on the matter hidden until last week. Why the authorities have chosen to reveal it now in passing, one would never know.

What transpired was this:

“Picked for REPEAT of 911”
The above heading of the newspaper article on Feb 11 2006 had caught my eye and I read the following article (excerpt) with interest:

“A Malaysian was to be trained as a pilot by Al-Qaeda to crash a plane into a Los Angeles skyscraper but told officials he pulled out after witnessing the Sept 11 attacks in 2001, a former security official said yesterday. US President George W. Bush has said that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, thought to be one of the masterminds of the 2001 attacks, planned to hijack a plane and fly the jet into LA’s tallest building, the 310m US Bank Tower. The building is also known as LIBRARY Tower!

Bush said that instead of using Arab hijackers, as in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the plot called for ‘young men from South East Asia whom he believed would not arouse as much suspicion.’ According to the former security official, the Malaysian was detained by Malaysian authorities in mid December 2002 therefore that part of the plan never materialized.”

From experience, that is the way with omens. Confirmations such as this ‘Library’ building tend to come out much later. Therefore it helps if you trust your own intuition or awareness in your interpretations of Yi oracles and omens. And wait for their unfolding and subsequent confirmations. That is on the proviso the Yi really talks to you. As indicated in a previous entry, when the Yi really talks to you, wow! Perhaps by this final series you would understand the feeling.

More truths are out there, somewhere, perhaps in hiding. We just have to wait and see, won’t we?.

Monday, February 13, 2006

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

The second entry to this series of truth revelations during the past week relates to US top officials perhaps considered more senior than Brown, the former head of FEMA (see previous entry). It relates to two oracles given to Sam Crane by the Yi in October 2005 and published in his blog, ‘The Useless Tree’.

A few days ago, several US newspapers available through the web had published some information obtained from sources with access to court papers on the ongoing investigation into who leaked the name of a covert CIA agent, Valerie Plame. From such information, it seems quite clear that the already charged Lewis Libby, the former chief aide to US Vice President Dick Cheney, had pointed fingers and said that he was authorized by the Vice President and other White House ‘superiors’ to leak classified information in 2003 to bolster the case for the US-led war against Iraq. The Judge has deferred hearing of the perjury trial of Libby to 2007.

In the first consultation, Sam had asked the Yi about Cheney’s involvement in the leak and whether the VP will be forced to resign because of it. The prognostication came in the form of Hexagram 9 Xiao Chu with a moving third line and a resultant Hexagram 61 Zhong Fu. As explained in my Oct 23 entry on Understanding changes (2), Cheney is represented by the third line which says: “The spokes burst out of the wagon wheels. Man and wife roll their eyes.”

A further explanation of the line may be appropriate at this juncture. In Book III, the commentary says: “When ‘man and wife roll their eyes,’ it is a sign that they cannot keep their house in order.”
The wife in the fourth line allows the spokes of the wheels to get broken. The man looks at her fiercely in his rage, and she returns the look. Inasmuch as the third line thus abandons its family (the two lower lines); it shows that it cannot maintain order. [W/B]

In the Image of Zhong Fu / Inner Truth, the Junzi discusses criminal cases in order to DELAY executions. This explains why the case is being delayed by the special prosecutor, hoping for a change of heart by his superior, the Vice President who tried to stare him down as depicted in the third line of Xiao Chu. The prosecutor has been likened to the wife since he is of lower rank and sincere. Just like the commentary to the Image says, he has a deep understanding that knows how to pardon, considered the highest form of justice. In the Oct 23 entry, one has said, and continues to say that:

“Ultimately it may be up to Dick Cheney himself to do the honorable thing to salvage his dignity.”

Onto the matter about other White House ‘superiors’, the second Yi oracle to Sam was given as a reply to his question on ‘How should President Bush handle this growing political problem?’ It came in the form of Hexagram 16 Yu / Enthusiasm with moving first and fourth lines which changed it to Hexagram 24 Fu / Return. This oracle was addressed in the Oct 30 entry on Notes on the hexagram.

The first line relates to Lewis Libby and other White House ‘superiors’ who boast of their connections with the minister in the fourth line, and misfortune has been indicated. Perhaps only with sincerity in times of enthusiasm by way of support from his subordinates and advisers, can President Bush return to the Light.

However if we take a look at his ‘Annual Hexagram for 2006’ (Jan 06 entry) also consulted by Sam, events of the past few months in the US, and the current revelations by his former staff, Bush will certainly have a uphill battle ahead to return to the Light. Whether President Bush has the tenacity, endurance and charisma to make a comeback is entirely his show. It could be Heaven’s way to test his cultivation.

Who knows?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Expect a fight between false and real dragons

Over the past week several truths have been revealed. One concern a more than two years old event but the US only chose to reveal it a few days ago. It relates to an omen given to me by the Yi in 2003. The other two revelations concern US top officials, the US President and the oracles given to Professor Sam Crane.

In this entry, we shall explore whether the Yi was right on target about the false dragon who may have decided to fight the real dragon.

In early September 2005 after the mishandling of Hurricane Katrina massive flooding in New Orleans, Professor Sam concerned about the disaster and human misery consulted the Yi about NO. His question was, “What can we expect there in the coming months?”

The prognostication came in the form of Hexagram 2 Kun / The Receptive with three moving lines, the third, fifth and the top. In Sam’s blog, The Useless Tree, one has commented on the line representations to be that of the Mayor of NO, the Louisiana Governor and the Heads of FEMA/Homeland Security respectively.

Then in my entry on September 06 on: A note on Hexagram 2 Kun and its top line, one had mentioned that the Yi indicated that there could be a fight between the false dragon and the real dragon. In case you did not follow what was discussed, the false dragon is supposed to be Michael Brown; the former head of FEMA and George Bush as the US President, represents the real dragon in Hex 1 Qian / The Creative.

Also in September, Brown had blamed his ‘subordinates’, the Governor and the Mayor of NO for the mishandling. About 1,300 people had died.

Last week, Brown said he told top Bush officials the day the storm flooded NO and warned, “We were realizing our worst nightmare.” []

Just as indicated in the September entry, everyone can expect the outcome of the result if the real dragon decides to fight this ‘false’ accusation and new blame from a false dragon. That is if one has been following the news on Michael Brown just after Hurricane Katrina struck.

His actions during the rescue of the people and his defenses in September and now seem to come from one who the Chinese may perhaps call, ‘Fei Ren’ (not fit to be a human). With 1,300 lives lost and many NO inhabitants still living in misery, through, if one may call it, “utter negligence”, there is no cause to shift the blame. After all what does FEMA stands for? Is it not, Federal Emergency Management Agency?

The fight if any would be short and swift. Although both may be injured, the false dragon will not win.

‘In the top place the dark element should yield to the light. If it attempts to maintain a position it is not entitled……., it draws down upon itself the anger of the strong.” Commentary to the top line of Kun [W/B]

Maybe the commentary is a good advice to Brown?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Knowledge from a Daoist master

The following is from "The Secret and Sublime Taoist Mysteries and Magic" by John Blofeld. In this excerpt, he was asking questions of Tseng Lao-wenga who he considers to be a true sage [as posted by a Qigong master in the Tao Speaks forum for comments]:

"Venerable, please don't laugh at me. I accept your teaching that true sages have but the one goal. Still, here in China, there are Buddhists and there are also Taoists. Manifestly they differ; since the goal is one, the distinction must lie in their methods of approach."

The Daoist master answered thus:

"So you are hungry not for wisdom but for knowledge! What a pity! Wisdom is almost as satisfying as good millet-gruel, whereas knowledge has less body to it than tepid water poured over old tea-leaves; but if that is the fare you have come for, I can give you as much as your mistreated belly will hold.”

” What sort of old tea-leaves do Buddhists use, I wonder! We Taoists use all sorts. Some swallow medicine-balls as big as pigeon's eggs or drink tonics by the jugful, live upon unappetizing diets, take baths at intervals governed by esoteric numbers, breathe in and out like asthmatic dragons, or jump about like Manchu bannermen hardening themselves for battle -- all this discomfort just for the sake of a few extra decades of life! And why? To gain more time to find what has never been lost!"

"And what of those pious recluses who rattle mallets against wooden-fish drums from dusk to dawn, groaning out liturgies like cholera-patients excreting watery dung? They are penitents longing to rid themselves of a burden they never had. These people do everything imaginable, including swallowing pills made from the vital fluids secreted by the opposite sex and lighting fires in their bellies to make the alchemic cauldrons boil -- everything, everything except -- sit still and look within.”

“I shall have to talk of such follies for hours, if you really want a full list of Taoists methods. These method-users resemble mountain streams a thousand leagues from the sea. Ah, how they chatter and gurgle, bubble and boil, rush and eddy, plunging over precipices in a spectacular fashion! How angrily they pound against the boulders and suck down their prey in treacherous whirlpools! But, as the streams broaden, they grow quieter and more purposeful.”

“They become rivers - ah, how calm, how silent! How majestically they sweep towards their goal, giving no impression of swiftness and, as they near the ocean, seeming not to move at all!”

“While noisy mountain streams are reminiscent of people chattering about the Tao and showing-off spectacular methods, rivers remind me of experienced men, taciturn, doing little, but doing it decisively; outwardly still, yet sweeping forward faster than you know.”

“Your teachers have offered you wisdom; then why waste time acquiring knowledge?”

“Methods! Approaches! Need the junk-master steering toward the sea, with the sails of his vessel billowing in the wind, bother his head about alternative modes of propulsion -- oars, paddles, punt-poles, tow-ropes, engines and all the rest? Any sort of vessel, unless it flounders or pitches you overboard, is good enough to take you to the one and only sea.”

“Now do you understand?"

Since the knowledge (and not wisdom) shared by the Daoist master presented in an entire paragraph may cloud some readers’ thoughts, I have taken the liberty to break it down into smaller paragraphs to provide perhaps a clearer meaning of what he had wanted to say.

In case, readers still cannot catch his drift, Tseng is comparing between those Daoists who know and those who don’t. Not unlike what Laozi said about those who prefer bypaths instead of the Way. Such are people who chose knowledge over wisdom.

Hopefully you can understand what the Daoist master said in your first reading. A slower learner like me may need to read it at least twice to catch his hints.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Marriages made in Heaven

According to Chinese customary beliefs, marriages are predestined in Heaven. Just as fate. This belief explains why couples living thousands of miles away from each other or from two different countries can have the affinity to meet up and eventually get married. Although it could be romantic to hold to the belief, Heaven governs fate; therefore marriages are considered sacred in many religions and said to be made in Heaven. The married couple can produce off springs which enlarge and perpetuate the family.

With humanity in mind, the ancients specifically designate a hexagram Jia Ren / The Family in the Book of Changes to recognize the importance of roles in an extended family. The commentary to the judgment has this to say: ‘The foundation of the family is the relationship between husband and wife. The tie that holds the family together lies in the loyalty and perseverance of the wife. Her place is within, while that of the husband is without. It is in accord with the great laws of nature that husband and wife take their proper places.’

Although marriages will endure through time with 'give and take', tensions can arise among spouses over matters of the heart, money, unfaithfulness, or bad habits. We do well to remember that both spouses are human and each has their own needs. Unless one of them is a habitual spouse beater, most family quarrels can be resolved by the husband and wife themselves. Therefore relatives and friends hesitate to interfere unless they are called upon to do so by one or both parties. When requested to help, the Chinese often remember this adage: ‘Better to teach someone to beat (discipline) his son than to advise him to split with his wife’.

Why? Because it can hurt a few parties especially if children are involved. Therefore the couple is often advised to resolve the quarrels and to hold on to the marriage as long as they could. Since time is often a great healer. And this is about humanity.

Yet some experienced Yi diviners go against the grain by freely ditching out advice in forums calling for a split up of marriages, even though the Yi oracles obtained had nothing to do with it. Indeed such partial advice increases no one including themselves. Have these diviners ever wondered about the consequences if their advice leads to a breakup of a marriage or a family? If the breakup causes innocent parties to suffer or someone to take his or her own life, such advice will go against Tao and Heaven. How can they remain blameless? Do the Yi and the ancients not teach about the ways of Tao and Heaven?

Therefore if diviners want to be earnest and sincere Yi students, do not go about reading ‘dead books’ and muddle through life. Do yourself a favor. Please take some time out to learn about the depths of humanity. It is never our job to advise someone to seek for a divorce, since marriages are made in Heaven.

And I am sure; we would want Heaven to be on our side. No?

Relevant entries: Time with the family Dec 12, 2005; When Hexagram 64 changes to Hexagram 63 May 23, 2005; and Muddle through studies and life Jan 23, 2006.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Yi / Increase, the Annual Hexagram for 2006

In the early hours of January 31st the third day of Chinese New Year one consulted the Zhouyi whether 2006 will be a good year for me. Only when I opened the journal to record down the question did one realize that it had been eight months since I last asked the Yi about something. The last consultation on June 8th was to find out the reasons for the expulsion of a Northern Patriarch of Quanzhen. And Yi’s answer was posted in the blog, with my Daoist friend’s blessings, two days later.

For my annual hexagrams, the Yi likes to give simple and straightforward answers. And the oracle for this year sounds better than the last. It came in the form of Hexagram 42 Yi / Increase with three moving lines; the bottom, the fifth and the top, which change the hexagram to Hexagram 2 Kun / The Receptive.

Hexagram 42 is made up of three yang and three yin lines. In this oracle, all three yang lines by coincidence changed into yin lines thereby forming Kun which comprised of six yin lines. Whether it was because one has used the yarrow for the consultation and consequently created a bias for changing yang lines over yin lines or was it just synchronicity, one leaves it to the scholars to deliberate. We move forward to explore the oracle and the changing lines.

42 The Judgment: Increase. It furthers one to undertake something. It furthers one to cross the great water.

“Sacrifice on the part of those above for the increase of those below fills the people with a sense of joy and gratitude that is extremely valuable for the flowering of the commonwealth. When people are thus devoted to their leaders, undertakings are possible, and even difficult and dangerous enterprises will succeed. Therefore in such times of progress and successful development it is necessary to work and make the best use of the time. This time resembles that of the marriage of heaven and earth, when the earth partakes of the creative power of heaven, forming and bringing forth living beings. The time of Increase does not endure; therefore it must be utilized while it lasts.”

Wind and thunder: the image of Increase. Thus the Junzi if he sees good, he imitates it; if he has faults, he rids himself of them.

(Nine at the beginning means: It furthers one to accomplish great deeds. Supreme good fortune. No blame.)

Nine in the fifth place means: If in truth you have a kind heart, ask not. Supreme good fortune. Truly, kindness will be recognized as your virtue.

(Nine at the top means: He brings increase to no one. Indeed, someone even strikes him. He does not keep his heart constantly steady. Misfortune.)

2 The Judgment: The Receptive brings about sublime success, furthering through the perseverance of a mare. If the superior man undertakes something and tries to lead, he goes astray; but if he follows, he finds guidance. It is favorable to find friends in the west and south, to forego friends in the east and north. Quiet perseverance brings good fortune. [W/B]

The oracle depicts a year of challenge and sacrifice ahead for the increase of those below. Supreme good fortune could be achieved even with major undertakings such as crossing the great water. Meanwhile just like the Junzi, one continues to learn the good and discards the bad to become free of evil. In addition the Yi reminds me to continue cultivating the cardinal virtues. It is favorable to find friends in the west and south. I like the sound of that as the Americas and Europe are to the west of Malaysia with Singapore, Australia and NZ in the south where most readers come from. Also take note of the time of the Receptive (Nov- Dec), it could be significant around then.

In accordance to the interpretation rule for three lines of change, we can either take the judgment of Yi / Increase, or the middle moving line that is the fifth line in this oracle, as the prognostication. Either way, it seems good for both you and me?

However if you ever find that one brings increase to no one in this blog this year, please give me a knock on the head to help me improve to avoid misfortune.

Shortly after this divination, one asked the Yi for a revelation on a heaven’s secret relating to dark forces. Let me ponder on it and fully explain the oracle to my family before any one else gets to hear about the secret.

Hope you enjoy the reading.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ways of Heaven

Perhaps one is luckier than most in the self study of the Yi, because of various discussions with Daoist deities, immortals and buddhas on related matters as well as opportunities to compare divinations with predictions from these divinities. Most of the divine predictions on matters of importance are obtained and passed on by friends or relatives either for a confirmation with my existing divinations or for me to confirm with the Yi.

Over time one has perhaps learn some ways of Heaven not recorded or written in books of Yi studies. Therefore sometimes one knows that certain methods of consultation work better than others not only because they were tested through time, such methods had also been compared with the ways of divinities. Although being mortal, and therefore not foolproof, the methods invariably work most of the time.

One may not be as learned and earnest as many in Yi studies, however there have been occasions (and more to come) when what is written in this blog is related to Ways of Heaven. And the entire 'picture' may not be 'painted' in one entry. After all there is not much point to inform the insincere or those who think their Western teachers or them know more about matters of Heaven. It is always safer and one may remain blameless if heaven’s secrets are revealed in bits and pieces or through hints. Then only the sincere and those who are perceptive enough will receive the relevant messages.

By doing so one could be following a way of Heaven too.