Monday, March 19, 2007

Confirmation of the 2007 Yi chart

Every time after one prepared the annual Yi chart for shares investment in the KLSE, one cheerfully waits for events to unfold – shares prices rise during good months and fall during bad months. It is inevitable. (Think Changes.) This has happened year in year out over several years. But this year 2007 could be different. One has received an indirect confirmation from a powerful divinity, no less, that my annual chart is accurate.

The divinity, a Quanzhen heavenly immortal that can see 3,000 years into the future and look back 3,000 years into the past, will be sending some of his senior disciples overseas during what I deemed two bad months in 2007 for shares investments.

The disciples will be going up North during x month for a pilgrimage and going to the West in y month. Knowing that these particular two months will present major obstacles for shares investors and that his disciples invest in the KLSE, probably the divinity is moving them out of harm’s way. They would probably be told at a later date to dispose of their shares investments before going away for each long trip. The Yi also provides similar warnings whenever such danger arises.

From experience, there is no point in indicating the bad months too early – friends and kin may do the wrong thing that is dispose of shares too early or not buy any and miss out on rallies just because they are aware of and afraid of impending plunges. They seldom understand that plunges usually follow rallies. (Think cycles.) In the past, some had resorted to blame Allan for not making any money during the rallies. Therefore it is difficult to remain blameless.

To remain tightlipped would have been the best. But if one does not share experiences and insights in this blog, Yi aficionados and Daoist students may not get to know the true magic of the Yi and Tao. The truths of what the ancients say on timing and the ability to transcend time and space may remain as myths to many such students – especially those in the West.

Of course compared to divinities, the ancient sages and the wise, my Yi knowledge and insights are very much limited. Therefore readers will have to take my comments on the Yi, Daoist immortals, and Tao with a pinch of salt from time to time. And investigate when one provides references such as these:

The Changes are what have enabled the holy sages to reach all depths and to grasp the seeds of all things. Only through what is deep can one penetrate all wills on earth. Only through the seeds can one complete all affairs on earth. Only through the divine can one hurry without haste and reach the goal without walking.
[X. 5&6 – Da Zhuan W/B]

Without going outside his door, one understands (all that takes place) under the sky; without looking out from his window, one sees the Tao of Heaven.
[TTC 47.1 Legge]

For fellow travelers who are able to transcend time and space – enjoy the to and fro of Tao and Heaven. Just do not love it so much that you forget the return!

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