Friday, March 09, 2007

Dragon appearing in the field!

This photo of a younger and smarter looking Allan was taken before the advent of the Flying dragon in the heavens in 1993. Since he was planning to walk out on a good paying job, he had his picture taken to be included in applications for better ones. He is seen wearing one of his favorite YSL ties. Little did he know that he was on his way to make his first million without being gainfully employed?

If Chinese readers mistake the photo to be that of the famous Hong Kong film star cum singer, George Lam, it is alright. My pre teen kids in the 1990s could not believe their eyes when they saw ‘daddy’ acting in films and singing in concerts then. My daughter Choy Cin quipped just the other day that I was on TV when she saw George Lam sang in a Chinese New Year HK concert.

Since it is time for the hidden dragon to act, it leaps out of the puddle and hovers above the field!

Perhaps in 2007, this real dragon would once again soar up to heaven. And about time too!

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Sparhawk said...

Hi Allan,

I wish you the best. I know that with your experience and humbleness you'll keep your flying endeavors well under the example given by the 6th line of Ch'ien.