Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just as I was saying ...

Interesting bits of news from the Sunday Star, 4 March 2007:

“The worst is over for the stock market, according to a prominent Yijing scholar from Penang.
Dr. Chuah Chong Cheng, who has studied Yijing for the past 30 years, said the recent plunge of the Asian and European markets was the worst that could happen to the stock market this year. Dr. Chuah had predicted last week’s market plunge.
‘Malaysians should be prepared for very hot weather and haze. Towards the end of the year there will be another flood.’ ‘I am expecting a tsunami to hit our shores either at the end of the year or the beginning of 2008,’ he said, adding that the tsunami would hit before the general elections.”

One wonders how this Yijing scholar knew all these. The Yi never tells me this much – the worst is over for the stock market this year, predicting the weather, another flooding, and a tsunami which will happen before the expected general elections. The Yi only told me about thunder storms and earthquakes, last year. How many more thunder storms and earthquakes will strike, how would I know?

For a bit of fame and fortune, Yi aficionados, who include scholars and masters, have occasionally made false claims and wild predictions of future events. Probably these fortune-telling Yi scholars hope to strike the mother lode if one of their major predictions ever comes true. (Think of Pat Robertson’s conversations with God ‘who’ purportedly made the predictions about the good fortune of the Republican Party and President Bush in 2006. Everyone else was supposed to face bad luck and hard times last year. His wild predictions – contrary to what the Yi told Sam Crane about Bush’s bad luck in 2006 - had all turned out to be wrong.)

Well, just as I was saying in the previous entry about the improper use of hybrid fortune telling methods to determine time in Yi prognostications. Dr. Chuah seems to be using those methods to provide his bold predictions. Only time will tell if his various predictions will come true or not.

No, Yi, one is not envious – you have already spoken on my fortune for 2007 – since you know that I am innocent, please do not hit me on the head, again! One is just sharing thoughts here with Yi fellows and travelers of the Way.



Sparhawk said...

Hi Allan,

I've read with interest your last two entries. I really appreciate your thoughts about timing and the Yi. There are many out there who think they can time the Yi predictions like a cable TV schedule...

My best,


Allan said...

Well, Luis, perhaps they can link up - provided they have also paid their annual cable TV subscriptions to the Yi!