Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Blue heaven

“A cotton candy-like cloud of simple sugar drifts in the unspeakable cold centre of the Milky Way about 26,000 light years away, offering a remote, yet tantalizing, hint of how building blocks of life may have reached Earth billion of years ago. A four man team of NASA used Green Bank’s 105-metre-diameter parabolic reflector to examine Sagittarius B2, a cloud of dust and gas several light-years wide at the heart of the Milky Way.”
[SundayStar 3 Oct 2004]

When you sit and forget regularly, in time, you may get to see blue heaven. Without the help of science and pictures of galaxies in the Milky Way, perhaps the ancients could not pass down to posterity what they had seen. If neidan practitioners have seen the clouds formations, true colors of the galaxies, and lovely sunsets as well, welcome. You are on the right track, no kidding.

If you have already obtained confirmations like those revealed by Daoist Immortal Lu Dongbin in his Secret of the Golden Flower, do drop me a line. The revealed confirmations are real, in case fellows of the Way have any doubts.

Meanwhile enjoy your walk on the true path and do not forget about the cultivation of life (virtues).


gar said...

Yes Allan, even here in Green Bank we look at heaven, but with the rational mind.

Allan said...


Tao is so vast and minute that no one knows where it begins and where it ends. After scouring for some years on the Stars and galaxies websites, I am still looking for a few more coloured heavens. Probably the Hubble Space Telescope and the Green Bank’s reflector have yet to reach there.

If you happen to come across any coloured heavens in your work perhaps you can send me a picture – if the photos can be published or shared with a Daoist friend.


Gar said...

Greetings Allan,
Just a note to let you know that the telescopes here at Green Bank are radio telescopes and analyze frequencies. This might interest you though.

Allan said...

Thank you, Gar.

Which has gone further into the universe, the Hubble space telescope or Green Bank? And how did they do that when the scientists talk about stars and galaxies, billions of light years away?

The question remains of what can travel faster than light?