Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Confirmation of the 2007 Yi chart (2)

After the indirect confirmation by a Daoist heavenly immortal recently, the Yi directly confirmed the validity of the annual chart for 2007 through a series of six oracles last week.

The annual Yi chart was drawn up in early March, a month after my investment consultations for the Chinese New Year. Since it was time to ask the Yi again, one chose six stocks among my favorites for the consultations - which provided occasions for the Yi to speak.

In the first oracle, the Yi used an unchanging Hexagram 34 Da Zhuang / The Power of the Great to tell me that it is a time (March - April) when inner worth mounts with great force and comes to power. But its strength has already passed beyond the median line, hence there is danger that one may rely entirely on one’s power and forget to ask what is right. There is danger too that, being intent on movement, we may not wait for the right time.

In the second oracle, the Yi indicated that the particular stock in question will ‘Return to the light’ shortly.

The third and fourth oracles indicated impending plunges after the expected rally with warnings to be careful and mindful of falls thereafter.

The fifth and sixth oracles indicate the worthiness of the remaining two stocks. Again, one of them will move up shortly.

On the assumption that my interpretation of the six oracles (no point elaborating all) is correct, the Yi spoke on a number of things last week:

1) Do not be a smart ass; even if you have the power, you still have to ask the Yi what is right!

2) Wait for the right timing.

3) Mixed signals on the KLSE, which explains why some stocks go up while others fall or drift.

4) Concern that this student may forget about the expected plunges after the next rally.

5) Prices of some selected stocks will go higher than others in the rally.

When the Yi speaks, like all great teachers, just one corner of the mat is lifted. If the student does not understand the depth of the answer or misinterpret the oracle, the true meaning remains hidden. Students may then think that the Yi did not tell them anything of significance. Or that the Book of Changes was wrong when the misinterpreted oracle (by self and/or others) if the Yi had spoken did not unfold accordingly.

Knowing the limited knowledge of this student and the temptations that come with a rising stock market, the teacher reminds him, with not one but two different oracles, of the expected pitfalls after the upcoming rally. The expected rally and plunges thereafter as regular readers may know are already depicted in my annual Yi chart for 2007. The Yi has spoken, the Daoist heavenly immortal has also spoken. Let us see if this student knows what is happening or will happen to the KLSE in 2007 as the year unfolds.

In case, investors in the KLSE stocks still has not figured out what has been said, look for the hints on how the stock market will perform over the next few months which has been or will be covered.

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