Monday, April 02, 2007

When the Yi speaks (2)

Later generation Chinese invariably liked to claim that their newly found divination methods are better than those of the Yi. They also claim that their methods can determine more about time and space than the classic. There is no real point to enter into discussions with proponents of such derivative methods. Lovers of the Yi usually let the results speak for themselves. Because when the Yi speaks, what is really time and space?

Readers may recall the entry on Hexagram 51 Zhen / The Arousing made around the last quarter of 2006. In it, one mentioned that the prognostic hexagram can also announce forthcoming thunderstorms and earthquakes. Since then thunderstorms and earthquakes have struck many parts of the world and still continues till today. One had thought that the 4.0 plus Richter scale after shocks tremor in Japan recently would be the last but it was not to be. What with the tsunami that struck Solomon Island yesterday. According to news reports, the tsunami was brought on by a bone-rattling undersea earthquake with a scale measure of 8.0.

Before skeptics and some Yi aficionados pooh-pooh such pronouncements of the Yi, one submits old records of a similar prognostication for all to see. In August 1999, one asked about the KLSE and the Yi answered with Zhen / The Arousing. These were the recorded events thereafter:

Aug 17 Devastating earthquake in Turkey – 14,000 died; 27,000 injured

Sept 7 Earthquake in Athens, Greece

Sept 8 Very loud thunder heard

Sept 13 Several earthquakes hit NE and Eastern Japan

Sept 14 Heaviest typhoons hit HK, and the day after

Sept 15 Heavy thunderstorms hit Florida US from East Coast

Sept 21 Earthquake of RS 7.6 hit Central Taiwan – 2,000 killed and several thousands injured

Yi students should remember this in your Yi studies. Just because the Yi does not speak in this way to you, never think that other Yi aficionados cannot get divine messages as indicated by ancients and the wise. If the Yi speaks and when the Yi really speaks can be two different things. Take note of that.

Let others boast of their derivative divination methods; this entry provides a reason why one just follows the Yi.

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