Friday, August 17, 2007

Messenger of peace

In the Star newspaper, August 17 2007, Majorie Chiew wrote an interesting article on Chinese Buddhist Master Chin Kung as a messenger of peace. The following are some of the excerpts on him:

“He travels the world with a mission almost impossible. He is out to promote world peace. He gives Dharma talks on peace and harmony, akin to sharing a recipe for an ailing world. He promotes peace and harmony within society – saving marriages on the verge of break-up and turning foes into good neighbours.

He also supports charities regardless of religion and race. He has visited Catholic homes for the aged, helped in Muslims’ fund-raising campaigns and erected a monument for native Australians. He has donated food and clothes to the needy in disaster areas too.

Championing world peace and a much sought after speaker, Venerable Master Chin Kung aspires to lofty ideals. World peace may seem elusive yet Chin Kung soldiers on, convinced that people will one day stop killing one another and heeds his call for peace.

Chin Kung is also the founder of over 200 Pure Land Learning Centers and Amitabha Societies all over the world.

Chin Kung is no seeker of fame and fortune but leads a simple life of teaching (giving Dharma talks) and reading.”

In a recent interview by Star Two, Chin Kung said:
‘There are many peace-loving leaders in the world. Many of them love peace but don’t know how to bring peace. All those who attended meetings of the United Nations are peace-loving folk.’

Asked, if women leaders ruled the world, maybe, we stand a chance of attaining world peace, he replied:
‘It’s not a gender issue. ’It is about education. If we can implement the teachings of the saints and sages – morals, ethics and karma – problems (and conflicts) can be solved.’

Based on his words and actions, Chin Kung is indeed wise and a Da Ren (Great Man). If only more people can learn from the ancient sages, Buddhas, and Daoist immortals, there could be a better chance for world peace.

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