Friday, August 31, 2007

Brief on ‘Thoughts on Zhouyi’

Postings in the blog have expanded to various topics over the past two and the half years and Yi aficionados would note that not all entries relate to the Book of Changes. Thoughts on the ancients, Daoist immortals, Buddhas, Tao, meditation, cultivation, and investments also share space with those on the Yi. Surely, readers would not prefer waiting for weeks on end to read a Yi post or ramblings to fill up the blog?

In case, readers do not see it that way, the entries on investments usually are Yi related and for its promotion of use in line with current times.

Yi aficionados may find that a lot of the middle class and rich people in the West, especially the US where about 50% of the people, invest in stocks and shares either personally or through institutional funds. They also invest in real property and/or foreign currencies. Therefore if you are verse with these types of investments, understand cycles, and good with Yi divinations and interpretations of the prognostications, you could tap this huge potential market by providing your professional divination services.

Just make very sure that the Yi really talks to you otherwise your client could lose money or an opportunity in investing.

By coincidence, my third entry on ‘understanding changes’ in October 2005 indicated property prices in the US and Europe cannot rise forever; therefore it was not a right time to continue to chase property prices higher. But just like the ancient times, people seldom listen.

Sorting out the relevant posts on the Yi under different categories for your easy reference may take up some time. Though less time consuming than writing them. Some entries like the ones on certain specific hexagrams literally took days to write – for example Hexagram 62 Xiao Guo / Preponderance of the Small. Therefore I would appreciate if anyone wants to use some of the shared insights contained in the blog to give credit where appropriate.

Meanwhile enjoy the previous posts under the ‘Thoughts on Zhouyi’ sorted out for your easy reference.

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