Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Only colours and light remain

Forms and emptiness have long gone
Only colours remain
Once where the gates were
Only colours remain

Mountains and clouds no longer exist
Whence can I see heaven again?
No more beautiful sights in space
Nor flying snow and the rain

Immortals continue to sing
Who sits still while the body shakes?
With rocking of the head
Amidst the lotus twirls

Is that the spirit?
Or a dazzle of lights
Bubbling of water
A peal of thunder

Did Kan and Li copulate?
During the twists and turns
The continuous shaking of the head
Or when the arms wildly swing

Time has flown
Four times more months to go
The usual warming
For non being to grow

Spiritual masters thought they know
Until Buddha said, ‘Nothing’s wrong with you.’
Innocence for the year
Or is the warm sensation, a premonition?

Is one pure?
Is one still
Whom to ask
When only colours and light remain

Where the path is less trodden
Only Zhen Ren and divinities know
What to do or not to do
To climb the steps of heaven

For only colours and light remain

Diamond Sutra; Tao Te Ching; Secret of the Golden Flower; Hundred Characters stele; Shurangama Sutra; Hui Ming Ching; The Zhouyi; and Zhuangzi on Guangchengzi teaching Huangdi how to fly to heaven.

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