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An omen on natural disaster(s) in 2007

It is not often that the Zhouyi wants to tell me something momentous. Over the past two decades, the Yi only gives omens or heaven’s secrets where necessary to forewarn of impending huge financial loss or to keep me and kin out of harms way.

Since my consultations have diminished over the past few years, the Yi has resorted to prompt me to ask of it the simplest yet general question, ‘What is happening?’

With this line of questioning, the Yi had given the last two omens in 2003. One portended the US invasion of Iraq while the other foretold the (intended) bombing of the US Library Tower and trains in the US and Europe by Muslim terrorists pretending to be tourists – refer to blog entries and related entries on ‘Another 9/11?’

Fours years have quickly gone by and under the scenario of such a prompting, one has recently consulted the Yi about what would happen. And as indicated in the entry on ‘Chaos and unemployment’ the prognostication came in the form of an unchanged Hexagram 3 Tun / Difficulty at the Beginning. Hexagram Tun comprise of trigram Kan (water) on top of trigram Zhen (thunder).

Before we proceed into different levels of interpreting the prognostication, I have to caution readers that one did not actually feel the usual awareness that exists in prior omens, because of a small increase in body warmth arising from the neidan practice. With this minor qualification in place, I feel somewhat at ease to continue.

Since the question posed is simple and general, the Yi can reveal any heaven secrets or omens while remaining blameless - akin to actions of Daoist heavenly immortals who reveal heaven secrets through cryptic messages hidden in ‘flowery’ verses.

When the Yi speaks, the prognostication will be accurate, it is then up to the diviner(s) to interpret the omen. If the interpretation is somehow inaccurate, Yi’s cryptic message remains a hidden secret to be unlocked by the right person(s) who can see such messages clear as day.

The hexagram, Tun talks about chaos and unemployment. If the diviner is not affected, his kin could be. Using another level of interpretation, one has occasion to caution my son not to do something until the Chinese New Year is over. This particular type of interpretation would prove easy for more experienced Yi diviners.

The omen portends natural disasters arising from hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis (depicted by Kan and Zhen). What had started out as heavy tropical storms in Central America have already turned into hurricanes, but that is not it!

Upon deeper pondering and analysis, the omen foretells of a forthcoming natural disaster or disasters caused by a combination of typhoons, earthquakes, and tsunamis that would hit Asia – one will give the likely time of occurrence later.

The countries that could be hit by rather heavy thunder storms or massive typhoons will be the Northeastern states of peninsular Malaysia and typhoon prone Hong Kong. A huge earthquake or earthquakes arising from the bottom of the South China Sea followed by tsunami(s) will likely hit Japan, Taiwan, and/or Korea. (Obviously coastal areas of neighboring China could also be affected.)

If this natural disaster or calamity actually occurs, the omen foretells of massive losses of lives and property.

Those who live in high rise apartments or work in tall office buildings are particularly vulnerable to the earth shattering quake(s), this time round. Many roads would be flooded and/or broken up into sections.

The damage to property could be as severe as the Kobe Earthquake in January 1995, if not more – since the Yi gave that particular omen in a different hexagram. Just like the events after the Kobe earthquake, there will be chaos and unemployment.

The prevention of loss of lives is more important than loss of property, therefore meteorologists and geologists of these Asian nations should be extra vigilant during the time predicted, and to quickly forewarn fellow citizens of any forthcoming heavy thunder storms, typhoons, major earthquakes or tsunamis.

Just like what one had indicated in my previous omen – another 9/11 – lives can be saved if governments are particularly vigilant – for example, the averted US Library Tower bombing episode in June 2003 – the predicted time of that omen.

If the natural disaster(s) actually occur, Asian stock markets could be adversely affected. Therefore be very careful with your investments in Asia.

From experience, if the exact time is revealed too early, people tend to panic or do silly things since few can handle the stress of foreknowledge of ominous omens. Therefore it is more beneficial than harm to indicate the exact time closer to the predicted event.

Readers who plan to visit the indicated areas or countries can either defer their holidays or be extra careful on arrival since the Yi has mentioned caution, a number of times.

By coincidence, just prior to my recent post on ‘Chaos and unemployment’, some readers from Taiwan and Japan have visited this blog. Hope they will pay a repeat visit and read this entry. Perhaps then they can take some safety measures to protect themselves and their kin if in the event that their respective countries really get slammed by huge earthquake(s) and tsunami(s). Another coincidence is that hundreds of thousands of Japanese took part in an annual earthquake disaster drills on September 1st.

Nowadays the Yi keeps testing my skills on interpretation and on time determination – what with an unchanged hexagram prognostication, this time. Well, if the teacher decides to set an extremely difficult assignment, the earnest student will just have to bear with it and grin. What else can the student do?

If readers have interpreted the omen based on the traditional approach, please feel free to post your current thoughts on concern areas (countries or of interpretation) which could have been omitted in this entry. (Comments on omissions based on hindsight are not encouraged.)

As to whether the omen will occur or not, akin to what Zhuangzi liked to say, ‘How would I know?’

Therefore readers or anyone else will be wholly responsible for their own actions or non actions after reading and/or hearing about this omen.

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