Saturday, May 09, 2009

May 10, 2009 could be a black Sunday

In my annual hexagram for 2007, the Zhouyi told me that a wanderer would steal my cow. The main culprit, Bear Stearns did just that on August 17, 2007.

In the following year’s annual hexagram, the Zhouyi indicated that Heaven and Earth will close on September 15, 2008 and that the able have to hide since there will be no Tao on earth. Both events brought on panics in the global financial markets and many corporate or individual investors were badly burnt by the resultant great wealth destruction.

In my annual hexagram for 2009, the Yi indicated that one may have to use the Shi (priests/ancient masters) and the Wu (magicians/ Yi diviners) in great number.

My interpretation of the omen is that there would be outbreaks of wind-borne diseases (and air disasters) across the world. And the significant date is on May 10, 2009 which could turn out to be a black Sunday for many.

If the omen turns out to be correct, even if the date is wrong, it will be Heaven’s will (Tian Yi), as indicated to kin last March. To avoid the big crowds, my family did not join in the usual annual Vesak Day celebrations on May 9th this year. I do not think Buddha would mind that at all.

Obviously the omen is slowly unfolding, what with the constant reports of minor outbreaks of wind-borne diseases here and there including Malaysia on Friday the 8th, if we monitor the national or global news.

Unfortunately, no one can see the viruses until they get affected by them and become ill. The other bad news would be there is no known remedy for the genetically mutated viruses.

When people have been significantly weakened, - emotionally, mentally, or physically - by stress and distress especially caused by the recent global wealth destruction and loss of livelihood, they are easier to succumb to such illnesses and/or flu.

Therefore one may have to use the Shi and the Wu in great number to help these ill people when the time comes, if necessary.

And the only encouraging thing is that Good fortune is the final outcome of the omen.



tao said...

You have inspired this:

ngchuanling said...

Dear all readers,
With due respect,
Something with odd animals that fight constantly will down to very low...those who prepared will have good fortune....those who still dreaming dreamy dream will suffer great losses ...when the bed break.... 57.2 ....bye....

毓涵 said...

thanks for the intro about the book.

because i do not read chinese, it is difficult for me to interpret the four classics. lol...
but i will read it, now that you have recommended. I have just recently finished the basic translation of chuang tzu. as usual, left confused.

finals nearing, will read more during winter. will be on lookout for wilhelm. thank you again.

Allan said...

On May 11, China announced her first case of swine flu, A (H1N1). The Chinese youth took a flight back from the US on May 10th.

It seems that the ancient Yi is particularly more concerned about China – remember my earthquake warnings in September 2007, and this entry? Of course that could be an understatement.

On May 15, Malaysia announces her first case of the same flu. The 21 year old male departed from New York on a MAS flight on May 11th.

Meanwhile confirmed swine flu cases have increased to 7,620 (May 15th 6.00 GMT) with the US having the most reported cases – 4298 from about 2,600 last week.

Various outbreaks of other diseases, some wind-borne, have been reported in Malaysia the past few days. Yet the authorities like the Mexican authorities are saying it is alright. No need to panic. Sure, what else can the people do, except hide – as suggested by the Yi?