Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Whom to believe?

Law abiding citizens would invariably believe what their rulers or governments tell them. However if they have been fooled time and time again, they become disillusioned and will remain skeptical of government policies or of statistical information provided, especially in rich countries where a large proportion of the people are well educated and therefore more discerning. Rightly so, one would say, thus agreeing with the teachings of both Confucius and Mencius.

The Chinese adage of ‘A hand cannot hide heaven’ would probably apply to the current scenarios unfolding in the financial world and of the health of people living on earth.

Financial engineering is not real change. So is under-reporting of the real confirmed figures of the new flu A (H1N1). When unofficial figures differ so widely from the official tally, can we really believe the government(s) or ruler(s) of the day?

It has been reported by Bloomberg that the World Health Organization had been pressurized not to raise the current swine flu situation to pandemic – the highest level of 6. One had also read that WHO intends to use the coined term flu A (H1N1) to include swine/human/avian flu. Notice the subtlety of the intended change.

How long can such ‘hand or collective hands hide heaven’? The truth will always prevail. (Think of the previous US President keeping the arrest of a few Malaysian terrorists, by Malaysian authorities, who intended to bomb the Library Tower in June 2003 – around my predicted date during the time - under wraps for three years. There was a previous entry on this which relates to the omen titled ‘Another 9/11’.)

This is an excerpt taken from a Reuters report on May 20, 2009 titled, “H1N1 to resist drugs?”:

"The US Centres for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC) says there have been 5,469 confirmed cases of the new flu A (H1N1) across the US, but Dr. Anne Schuchat has said this is only the tip of the iceberg. CDC acting director Dr. Richard Besser estimated last week there were 100,000 cases. "(May 10, 2009?)

Countries whose students study in the US are much concerned since hundreds, possible thousands would be returning for their summer break. The first confirmed case in China was a student who flew back from the US on May 10, 2009. The two confirmed cases in Malaysia were students who returned from the US on a MAS flight on May 11.

Pleas from some governments have been made to the US to check for suspect cases at her exit points but have apparently fallen on deaf ears. Probably the cost of placing exit checks outweighs human lives.

Perhaps under-reporting the seriousness of outbreaks in countries can help bring back confidence to their battered economies, since the share markets have been rallying what with the recent moving of goal posts to allow banks to under-report losses or over-report the worth of their toxic assets. How would I know?

All I know is that sincerity is the way of heaven. Therefore no hand or collective hands can ever hide heaven. And that the Zhouyi tells sincere Yi aficionados, the true happenings in heaven and on earth.

So whom to believe, our government(s) or the Yi? The choice is always up to you.

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En Medio de la Tierra said...

Not choice for me: i'll go all-in on the Yi ;)

Now, seriously. It is worrysome to see that government(s) and international institutions are not being respectful with the worthly people who can achive the taming of this epidemic.