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Outbreak of wind-borne diseases

On the 23rd of April 2009 I was having a long conversation on the phone with my learned Quanzhen Daoist friend when he brought up the subject of the expected air disasters blogged on March 28, 2009, and what the (related) omen was which could not be revealed then because of the ever encroaching and very loud thunders.

Since the omen was about to occur, I told him over the phone, that it related to the outbreak of wind-borne diseases. And many across the world could be adversely affected. (Yesterday, I have already given him the exact date. Since he can receive and have been receiving heaven’s secrets over the past decades.) Obviously my eldest sister who had planned to fly back to Malaysia in May and decided to defer her plan to visit a sick relative, was told earlier.

By an eerie coincidence, Mexico announced the outbreak of swine flu, now known as influenza A (H1N1), a couple of days later. And within a week, it has spread to the US, NZ, Europe, and now Asia.

However if my interpretation of the omen or heaven’s secret turns out to be correct, this influenza A (H1N1) is just a precursor to more outbreaks of wind-borne diseases to come.

Tuberculosis or TB after having been banished for decades has recently made a come back and could be on the rise again. Isolated instances of avian flu have been reported in China and Russia. The much feared SARS that had quietly slinked into dark corners in 2004 could also resurge. So far, the World Health Organization (WHO) has made the right calls and has raised its warning levels adequately. And so have the governments across the globe which have taken safety precautions to protect their citizens. (Recall my foot note warning in the Air Disasters’ entry that governments would have their hands full if the omen actually occurs? Remember the Heavenly forewarning signs – the eclipses of the sun for 2009?)

Is it not good to have foresight, or foreknowledge of heaven’s secrets? We can plan and reveal things accordingly, if heaven allows it to be revealed.

If you do not know me by now and only have briefly read my commentary on matters of the Tao and the Zhouyi, you may, like a few others who did, jump to a hasty conclusion that I do not know anything or just trying to be self important. But many others who continue to read what I have to say or publish find that it is not the case. The skeptics may realized that one is only sharing experiences that few have experienced, especially on the spiritual, and pointing out truths that lay hidden in the ancient books and classics. On various occasions in the recent past, Yi aficionados in the West have likened me to Hexagram 50 Ding, the Cauldron.

How do all these relate to my recent hints and the interpretation of Hexagram 57 Xun, and the line in the second place? Much, the discerning and deep-thinker Yi aficionados would say.

Xun, the Gentle, Wind already tells aficionados plenty. The trigram Xun can mean eldest sister or eldest daughter.

The ancients had also indicated that Xun relates to crouching, therefore at times we have to hide. One disagrees that Xun means Coward published on a website by a fellow Yi aficionado. The name of The Gentle is apt, if you are familiar with Chinese culture and human nature.

When there is still an absence of Tao on Earth since September 15, 2008, what do the able do? They remain in hiding. Did I not blog this about my annual hexagram for 2009?

Xun also relates to influence. Only those who have the talent and virtue are designated to influence and lead. This particular omen relates to the outbreak of wind-borne diseases.

It is a well known fact that the WHO and pharmaceutical companies do not have the cure for such wind-borne diseases, since the viruses have continuously mutated beyond their knowledge or available information. WHO has already indicated that it would be months before the antidote for influenza A can be ready and made available worldwide? What about other sudden outbreaks, if any.

Therefore the second half of the prognostication or omen on the use of priests (shi) and magicians (wu) in great number would be held in abeyance until the time is right or ripe, to assist the gods.

To assist the gods is to help the many people (possibly in the millions) affected worldwide by the wind-borne diseases where there is no current known antidote because of the generic mutation and resistance to existing antibiotics.

The gods (include Daoist celestial immortals and Buddhas) are humane and just, so would the Shi and the Wu, if they have the talent and virtue to assist the gods. It would be revealed at a later date, where necessary, how the Shi and the Wu could help.

Meanwhile, I have taken a week’s leave from work. And have stored up enough food and foodstuff in case emergencies are called in my country and/or worldwide. And gone into hiding!

If some Yi aficionados or regular readers say that is cowardly, fine. It makes no difference. They know much, I don’t.



En Medio de la Tierra said...

This entry confirms an answer I got on april 27, 2009 about the influenza in Mexico (I'm living there), wich I'm not allowed to publish on my blog. I also was warned to seek for signs of confirmation.

I'll be reading you, when the time comes. Meanwhile, a crane cries in the dark.


ngchuanling said...

Dear Sir,
With due respect,
Early warning is very important!!!
You say "...And have stored up enough food and foodstuff in case emergencies are called in my country and/or worldwide."!!!
Does this mean real catastrophe???

毓涵 said...

I am all new to this but i find myself overly interested in ancient wisdom.

May i ask, if one could learn the i ching through books? any good one you can recommend?

meantime, will be reading u.

write more since ur on leave!

ngchuanling said...

DEAR 毓涵 ,
google..."Unveiling the mystery of The I-Ching'' Free ebook by native Taiwanese.

En Medio de la Tierra said...

About this entry, you may want to read this

Allan said...


You know that certain information or ‘rumor’ can get people arrested in certain countries.


The I Ching or Book of Changes is one of the five ancient Chinese classics. If you have read the four Confucian books, you should continue on to read the five classics.

My recommended I Ching translation for Diaspora Chinese has always been the Richard Wilhelm’s.

You can get a hard copy in the country where you are studying. If you want to learn more about Chinese civilization and wisdom, you may come to love his very detailed translation and commentary.

En Medio,

I have already read the entry before your request. It would be informative if you tell of your question.

Cheerio all!

En Medio de la Tierra said...

You're right¡

I asked for a comment on the evolution of respiratory diseases, since mexican government said that influenza AH1N1 was declining.