Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Air disasters (2)

After reading news on the Air France missing plane, a reader wrote in on June 2nd to ask if the revealed heaven secret for 2009 was for airborne diseases or for air disasters. My simple reply was that I had blogged the Air disasters' entry early (March 28, 2009) to forewarn readers so that they could plan their flights accordingly.

If not for the sudden loud thunders, the entry title on March 28 would very well have been – ‘Air disasters and wind-borne diseases’. Check what was written on the post script of that particular entry.

Readers could also miss out that my eldest sister had intended to fly back in May. (Refer May 2, 2009 entry on Outbreak of wind-borne diseases.)

The ill fated Air France Flight 447 with 228 people on board went missing on the night of May 31, 2009 en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. With updated reports coming in, the plane met with heavy turbulence (strong winds / thunderstorms).

According to aviation experts, investigators, and authorities - the modern version of Priests and Magicians, it could be the fault of speed sensors known as pitot tubes (yet to be confirmed).

“BEA (the French air accident agency) said the A330 had sent out 24 error messages in four minutes including one indicating a discrepancy in speed data. It said similar problems had happened before. Air France said it had first noticed in May 2008 that ice in the sensors was causing lost data in planes like the A330, but that it failed to agree with Airbus [the plane manufacturer], on steps to take.” [Reuters Sunday June 7, 2009]

In the first entry on Air disasters, I have already put IATA and the aviation authorities on notice to monitor the proper maintenance and the equipment of air planes. We are in the midst of a global recession, no?

Apparently some Air France pilots will now not fly the A330s if two out of the existing three pitot tubes were not replaced. How much do three new pitot tubes cost, by the way!

If we also think of what the WHO is currently doing – shifting goal posts and not following the preset condition for declaring a pandemic or a level six for the A (H1N1) flu. The flu has already infected over 26,500 people in 73 countries with 140 deaths. It seems that money is more important than human lives in developed countries, recently.

The Yi also told En Medio de la Tierra in April that the Mexican government got it wrong by declaring that the A (H1N1) flu was declining in their country. They are supposed to monitor and control the outbreak. Look what have they done to their own people? Out of the reported 140 deaths, one hundred Mexicans have died from the disease.

According to news reports, if all 228 people on board the Air France Flight 447 died, it could be the worst air disaster since 2001. And summer is not over yet.

Heaven’s secrets are something like this.

Do the Wu (court diviners/magicians) and sincere Yi aficionados really have to step out of the door to know what is happening in the world?


毓涵 said...

ur scaring me, i'm flying back this sunday ;-(

Enmedio de la Tierra said...

Hi Allan

Since May 15th, there has been at least 3 new "outbreaks" of AH1N1 in Mexico. But the government insist that those new focus of infection imply no risk for the nation.

July is comming soon

Allan said...


Not to worry too much. There are online news reports that major airlines have started to replace the pitot tubes to the upgraded version for their Airbus A330s, if they had not already done so earlier. At such times, the Chinese would just leave things to fate.

Enjoy your holiday.


Thanks for the information. This mapping of the swine flu outbreak by the BBC will show the severity in affected countries especially Mexico, the US, and Canada for your study and analysis: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8021547.stm


En Medio de la Tierra said...

Hi Allan

Another air crash today; 150 people, according with Reuters.

And yet, there are people mucking on the Yi.

Allan said...

Yes, I was on the line with my Daoist friend when he told me about the air crash in Africa which was reported by CNN. The Reuters online news reported that the Yemeni Airbus airline carrying 153 people had crashed in the sea during strong winds and high seas.

So far, one survivor has been found.

Allan said...

More bad news.

Associated Presss updated 12:52 p.m. ET July 15, 2009.

"TEHRAN, Iran - A Russian-made Iranian passenger plane carrying 168 people crashed shortly after takeoff Wednesday, smashing into a field northwest of the capital and shattering into flaming pieces. All on board were killed in Iran's worst air disaster in six years, officials said.

Iran has seen numerous crashes in recent years, usually blamed on poor maintenance. Iranian officials often blame U.S. sanctions that prevent it from updating American aircraft bought before the 1979 Islamic revolution and make it difficult to get European spare parts or planes as well."