Saturday, June 27, 2009

The mystical Light (2)

If neidan practitioners or Daoist students harbor any doubts whether or not the Circulation of the Light meditation is as ancient as what Lu Dongbin had claimed in his Secret of the Golden Flower, and for assurance, they could study what Zhuangzi wrote in his well known ‘Fasting of the heart/mind’ known as ‘Xin Zhai’ in pinyin. (Also refer to my thoughts on Xin Zhai in the entry dated September 26, 2005.)

If we just use our intellectual minds to understand what he was trying to tell in Xin Zhai, we could miss his key points on the basics of the Circulation of the Light meditation. He had also mentioned that neidan practitioners need to focus on the breath.

Then he indicated that if we look at the aperture, the empty apartment is filled with light through it. After seeing this light, spiritual intelligences will come and take up their dwelling with us. And that the meditation had been practiced by Yu and Shun, Fu Xi and Ki Khu, all their lives.

In the excerpt taken from the Secret of the Golden Flower translated by Richard Wilhelm/ Cary Baynes, (refer to the first entry) intellectuals would probably understand Lu Dongbin’ explanations why the mystical light is not in the body alone, nor is it outside the body because he talked about nature and the mind of man in the first two paragraphs. However these later two paragraphs of the excerpt contain the mystery:

“The light-flower of heaven and earth fills all the thousand spaces.

But the light-flower of the individual body passes through heaven and covers the earth. Therefore as soon as the light is circulating, heaven and earth, mountains and rivers, are all circulating with it at the same time.”

How can this be and what is the light-flower, scholars and intellects may ask or have asked down the millennia?

Probably that is why Laozi said that the Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao, and the Buddha indicated that the Way cannot be understood through the intellect alone.

Since the dual cultivation of essence (meditation) and of bodily life (virtues) is requisite to the understanding of this mystical light (within and without the body).

As a going away gift to a Western student of Quanzhen teachers in China, I had indicated in a post in the Tao Bums that he could see stars and galaxies if the light is bended enough. Probably he thought that either his leg was being pulled, or that I may know something about neidan. Since months earlier in reply to his pointed question, I had told him that I have only read a few books and practice meditation.

But it is good to see some occasional hits from Beijing and other cities of China on this blog after that. Because many of those neidan practitioners or teachers who could see the light and has sufficient heat in their palms to help heal swine flu or flu A (H1N1) happen to live in China. Others could live elsewhere in the world.

If any reader of this entry or their teachers can also see the light during meditation and have sufficient heat in their palms, they can try to heal themselves and/or others of any flu.

Since the viral pandemic has spread across the globe and affecting tens of thousands confirmed cases (according to the CDC, up to a million may have been affected in the US), it could be timely to reveal how these neidan practitioners (the Shi) can help heal swine flu.

The flu virus can be considered both cold and dark. The Shi would require to use the heat from the palms to act against the cold and the light to chase away the dark. (Think of Hexagram Xun, 57.2 or refer to my entries on it.)

Usually before the flu starts, ‘patients’ would complain of sore throats. If a neidan practitioner heals the sore throat by applying heat and the unseen light from his or her palms, then the flu would dissipates before it gets full blown – accompanying running nose, fever and other related symptoms.

If my experiences are correct, the heat and the light from the palms will drive the flu viruses away or at least make them inactive overnight.

While people across the world suffer the common flu at least once or twice a year, my family and I had not suffer from a full blown one for almost a decade, around the time when I first started to apply this thermal healing on myself and on them.

Of course, it would be safer to allow the ‘patients’ to take medication while you assist in the healing with the thermal heat and the light, since I do not know what level you are at in your neidan cultivation.

However if you can also see the stars and/or the galaxies, billions of light years away, like Laozi and Buddha, like the space telescopes of the US – a great contribution by science towards Tao cultivation, I am sure that you can heal these ‘patients’ of their flu.

Nothing more needs to be said of those who have gone beyond these levels since I had already mentioned their strong healing powers in the entry on “Whether the ancient masters can heal swine flu?”

To reflect on this light, perhaps readers should reread the Zhouyi, Tao Te Ching chapter one and the chapters relating to virtues, to understand why the Shi (the ancient masters) can see the way of heaven without looking out of the window.

They would also gain some insight if they also read Xin Zhai, the Shurangama Sutra, the Hindu sutras and texts, and the Secret of the Golden Flower translated by Wilhelm. The ideal thing in our daily and continuous cultivation or practice on earth is to eventually link up to heaven.

In addition, it is not for nothing when the Buddha mentioned that by seeing this light, we can also see the lands of the thousand Buddhas. There are many more wonderful signposts of the Way to be seen or heard.

And it all started by keeping still and cultivating virtues to be the right person. This dual cultivation is taught in the Zhouyi, the Daoist classics and texts, the Confucian books, and the Buddhist sutras. Yet many down the ages ask how? No wonder Laozi lamented that his Tao is easy to follow but most prefer the bypaths.

In case, Yi students and neidan practitioners missed it, according to the Zhouyi, the practice of benevolence (ren) and righteousness (yi) will eventually lead to sincerity (zheng) or inner truth.

To help the weak and needy is righteousness, and to heal the sick is benevolence.

But it is still up to neidan practitioners or the ancient masters if they want to heal swine flu sufferers in their respective country or not.


If you or your teacher fall under the category of neidan practitioners who can see the light and feel the heat during meditation but unsure of how you can help, please post your comments on this entry or sent an email to me. I can provide some further guidance where required.


Allan said...

I have just read online news dated July 2, 2009 that China has used and tested a 5,000 year old traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to heal Flu A (H1N1) and found it successful. That is good news. The news however did not mention what the TCM was.

If it is 5,000 years old, most likely it is what I have already indicated in my few articles and the recent thread in Tao Bums calling for neidan practitioners or the Shi (ancient masters) to help the sick of their respective countries.

Hoping for more good news.

Anonymous said...

How can some master's like the magus of java do the things he supposedly can, well generate powerflu electric like qi? or the famous wang liping! What are your thoughts on this

Allan said...

Charles Q. Choi
Special to LiveScience – Wed Jul 22, 10:32 am ET [Extracts]:

"The human body literally glows, emitting a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with the day, scientists now reveal.

Past research has shown that the body emits visible light, 1,000 times less intense than the levels to which our naked eyes are sensitive. In fact, virtually all living creatures emit very weak light, which is thought to be a byproduct of biochemical reactions involving free radicals.

(This visible light differs from the infrared radiation - an invisible form of light - that comes from body heat.)"

Apparently science has proven that such a mystical light in fact exist. (See sentence marked out in bold.)

Anonymous said...

"The researchers found the body glow rose and fell over the day, with its lowest point at 10 a.m. and its peak at 4 p.m., dropping gradually after that. These findings suggest there is light emission linked to our body clocks, most likely due to how our metabolic rhythms fluctuate over the course of the day.“If you can see the glimmer from the body’s surface, you could see the whole body condition,” said researcher Masaki Kobayashi, a biomedical photonics specialist at the Tohoku Institute of Technology in Sendai, Japan."

The five young people in the experiment presumably were not meditating or feeling/sensing this "light."

(As described above: "Then he indicated that if we look at the aperture, the empty apartment is filled with light through it. After seeing this light, spiritual intelligences will come and take up their dwelling with us. And that the meditation had been practiced by Yu and Shun, Fu Xi and Ki Khu, all their lives.")