Sunday, June 14, 2009

Could the ancient masters (Shi) heal swine flu patients?

Now that the World Health Organization had, belatedly according to various health experts, announced a pandemic of swine flu known as A (H1N1), there was a sudden big jump in confirmed cases in certain countries that had hidden the real figures.

It is in a way, unjust for hiding the confirmed figures, since they had been ‘exporting’ the flu via foreign students returning to their home countries, usually less developed ones, for summer or winter holidays. I understand that the US summer break started the week ended May 10, 2009(?).

Well, in the real world, the rich or the strong bullies the poor or the weak. And if man cannot do anything about it, heaven may sometimes help. But I digress.

According to the symptoms reported, swine flu like any other type of flu can be cured since it is a viral infection. Whether or not, the ancient masters (Shi) could heal swine flu patients is the topic in question.

When the ancient masters can observe the mysterious and contemplate the profound, and see the numerous gates, they can without a doubt heal swine flu patients. After all it is not that difficult.

Neidan practitioners who already have confirmation(s) like those mentioned in the Secret of the Golden Flower by Lu Dongbin would also be able to heal themselves and others of swine flu. So would those who have Qi flows 24/7.

Even those neidan practitioners who can feel heat and can see the Light during meditation may be able to heal themselves and others of swine flu.

Therefore definitely the ancient masters can heal swine flu patients. They would have more than the requisite heat and the Light to cure any viral infections.

But would they lend a helping hand is another question altogether.


Anonymous said...

my foot.

Allan said...

There is nothing to prove to the likes of third class scholars. Neither would the ancient masters heal your foot or any other parts of your anatomy including your head.

A Xiao Ren will always remain one no matter what the Junzi or the Da Ren says.

Anonymous said...

this the typical stupidity of you chinese so-called daren...? sifu
or scholar ?

Allan said...

While you may or may not know the consequences of your continuous spamming of this blog written mainly for students of Tao and the Yi as well as the esoteric, remember these words from Laozi when you have cause for lament:

‘Heaven is on the side of the good’.

毓涵 said...

Why is your link to Chuangzi seem weird. Anyway, have you any sites to confucian economics? or any tao related economics for that matter?

Allan said...

Agnes, you are right. It seems that the good article on Zhuangzi is no longer accessible to the public. The URL address has been deleted from Resources.

No recommended sites for economics. But if you happen to have the Records of the Historian (Shiji), read the section on money makers. That could be better than modern economics.

毓涵 said...

thanks for the info allan.

im looking forward to writing my own paper about matters as such, but i seriously have zero info now. searched online that day about confucian economics, where he did talk about no regulation against competition but monopoly and also others about taxation. although competition promotes classical econs i still do think i am much more a keynesian person. lol. quite blur now dont know where to begin. if all goes well, i may work my thesis on these. unless you dont know what i'm talking, dont expect you to help much. le sigh.

:-) i've landed safely.

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