Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The fever subsides

After earlier entries where one discussed the notion that ancient masters (Shi) and/or neidan masters can heal Flu (inclusive of type A H1N1) victims with heat and the Light from their hands, I discovered that the same remedy can help lower the fever of a ‘patient’.

Last week, my wife suffered from an itchy throat. She tried curing it by taking double action Vitamin C 1,000 mg tablets but to no avail. I was unaware until she told me later that night. By the time I was ready to work on her throat, she was fast asleep.

When I started to work on her throat with my hands, I felt she was running a high fever. Her neck felt hot so was her forehead. After working on her neck for a few minutes (it only takes a few minutes if your palms are hot enough), I touched her forehead with the back of my hand. Her fever had subsided.

By the next morning, the itchiness, probably later turned soreness, of the throat and the fever had both disappeared without a trace. Like Daoist magic?

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