Friday, August 28, 2009

Heaven is always on the side of the good

In Chapter 79 .4 of the Tao Te Ching, Laozi said:

“In the way of heaven, there is no partiality of love; it is always on the side of the good.”

During his long travels across China, Confucius was once detained and threatened by the men of Kuang. The followers of Confucius were afraid but he said:

‘Since King Wen is no more, who but I can be the standard bearer of culture? If Heaven had wanted culture to disappear, I should not have possessed it after all this time. And if Heaven does not intend culture to disappear, what can the men of Kuang do to me?’

Since there were no written records on the life story of Laozi, one has to assume he has also experienced like Confucius, how Heaven is always on the side of the good. Otherwise he would not have stated that. Remember, a sage is cautious with his words and actions.

Good people, even in modern times, who have had experienced this truth would wholeheartedly agree to the two great sages’ respective statements. Think of the experiences of Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Nelson Mandela; and you would be more aware that Heaven is always on the side of the good.

Now where did these two ancient sages learn about this way of Heaven?

From the Book of Changes, of course!

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