Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nuclear or silent weapons

It seems that the US has quietly been making preparations for all eventualities.

While hundreds of millions of people on Earth watch the FIFA World Cup finals, four US submarines have moved closer to the Korean peninsular according to Yahoo.com online news last week. These submarines which usually carry rockets with nuclear warheads have instead been armed with cruise missiles. A total of four hundred plus cruise missiles which the four subs carry are currently pointed at North Korea and China according to the news report.

A torpedo counts as a silent weapon too, if regular readers missed that.

Since the drumbeats are getting louder and louder, will it rain rockets? Would nuclear or silent weapons be used?

It is too late to ask Paul the mystic octopus, it has retired! (Like others, the bookies had also made offers to buy him for whatever reasons.)

Instead try asking the Yi and/or your favorite Shen Xian (Daoist deity and celestial immortal) for the answers.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Allan,

Perhaps to stimulate the economy the war machine needs more fuel.

As some decline others prosper.

in peace,

Allan said...

Exactly, gar. It has crossed my mind when the Yi first told me.

With no creative change in mind, the global finance and economic experts look back at the last century.


baroness radon said...

You're kinda creepin' me out, especially after this news item in this morning's paper:

Allan said...

If you meant this news article (excerpts) then the US seems to know too or has been reading and interpreting my blogged omens or heaven secrets! Thanks for the above link. :

"'Golf ball' radar back in isles

By William Cole

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Jul 14, 2010

It's back. Again.

The 280-foot-tall, $900 million Sea-Based X-Band Radar, otherwise known as the giant floating golf ball, has returned to Pearl Harbor.

It is the latest in a series of frequent stops here by the distinctive "SBX," which is part of the U.S. ballistic missile defense shield.

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency said the SBX will be at Pearl Harbor for the remainder of the summer for "routine maintenance." It will depart in early fall.

The powerful radar has 45,000 radiating elements within its white pressurized dome and is used to track targets and discriminate nuclear warheads from decoys.

In June 2009 the U.S. military prepared missile defenses around Hawaii and on the mainland as a precaution against a possible North Korean launch across the Pacific."

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