Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Privy information

Certain people like the heads of states, top religious leaders, Daoist disciples or devotees and Yi students at times have access to privy information provided by other heads of states or the divine including the ancient Book of Changes depending on the circumstances and probably on a need to know basis.

Sometimes the privy information provided is the same but no timing is given, for example:

• The Holy See urges Iran and North Korea to abide by the UN regulations to avoid a nuclear war back in 2007.

• The ancient Chinese classic, the Zhouyi informed this student about the raining of rockets in 2009 and the use of nuclear or silent weapons in 2010.

• China using the correct approach probably deferred the raining of rockets in 2009 and tries hard to defer it yet again this year.

• The US preparing for all eventualities used special radars with the ability to detect rockets or missiles armed with nuclear warheads or fakes to cover the mainland and Hawaii in June 2009 in case North Korea decided to launch them. According to a July 14 news report by staradvertiser.com of Hawaii, the country has just returned one of these special radars to the island for ‘maintenance’ until fall this year. (See comments in entry on ‘Nuclear or silent weapons’ for more information or link to the news report.)

• On July 17, 2010 former Cuban President Fidel Castro warns of an impending nuclear war at a meeting with more than 100 ambassadors to Cuba if Iran and North Korea are too hard pressed.

Have regular readers notice the similarity of messages passed by China and Cuba and in the entries written in this blog since May 2010?

Like most people in the world, I have no wish for another war to start. But if it happens, it happens.

The multitude can do nothing but watch since the drumbeats, no matter how loud, are in a relative safe distance, except for those countries involved in the war.

Regular readers may have to prepare for such an event. Think of your mountain of treasures and/or of your safety.


baroness radon said...

If only I had a mountain of treasures.

Allan said...

Relatively speaking, our mountain of treasures could be a molehill compared to that of a USD billionaire but yet it may look high and insurmountable to the poor and needy.