Monday, February 14, 2011

Second wind

It is noted in the Wikipedia that long distance or marathon runners would love to get a second wind where possible when they run out of breath during the distance running. The second wind, if any, would allow out-of- breath athletes “to continue the run at top performance with less exertion”.

Such athletes would probably be in their prime and have trained very hard for this second wind phenomenon.

Neidan practitioners practising the ancient Chinese meditation may find, without initially realizing it, that they also possess second wind. Only when they test it would they realize this phenomenon.

A year or two, after practising the neidan (inner alchemy) meditation, my son who was attending primary school then wanted to race me up two flights of stairs at a public park. Fearing he would fall, I quickly chased after him as he ran up the forty over steps of stairs while my wife holding my few years old daughter watched. After climbing the stairs in haste, instead of panting as usual, I found a second wind as if the lungs were filled with a sudden burst of fresh air, it felt good, and my breathing reverted to normal.

Since the classics and Daoist texts do not deal with this second wind phenomenon, and lest I forget, I record it down with this blog entry.

When neidan practitioners learn how to breathe like a baby through their abdomen and via the backward flow, the Light circulates together with the Qi (breath) up to the mind and down again, there are many health benefits (some unrecorded) for them and through them, possibly for mankind.


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