Friday, February 04, 2011

The returning great light

The holy sages and the ancient sages (Laozi, Confucius, and Mencius) advise the able to go into hiding whenever there is no Tao on earth. Those who did not hide or were too late to do so suffered the consequences. And history keeps repeating itself down the millennia.

The great wealth destruction from September 2008 onwards brought financial ruin to many across the world. Natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, and wind borne diseases which turned into worldwide epidemics killed many people.

That was why in early 2008 the Book of Changes warned this student, there was going to be no Tao on earth.

Of late, the I Ching has told me times are changing.

For Heaven is sending down the light for the sake of the people.

The returning great light and the accompanying wind will penetrate and disperse the darkness which had hurt so many people on earth over the past few years.

During this change, it is advisable for the able to remain cautious since it is a transition from disorder to order and such change takes time. Just do not miss this return of the great light, or they may have to wait for ten years.

With this heaven sent great light, it is time to cross the great waters, and achieve supreme success. What should I do? Practise charioting! Or write a book?


baroness radon said...

I cast a hexagram just the other day and got advice about caution or patience in the move from disorder to order. (#64). Or that's what I think it meant. But in the end, it felt optimistic.

Allan said...

Hexagram Wei Chi / Before Completion is one of the prognostications. There are others mentioned. Try to spot them if you wish.