Sunday, November 13, 2005

Index to Daoist, Confucian and Buddhist thoughts

For ease of reference, an index to one’s comments on the three doctrines:

1) Daoist Immortals and Daoist thoughts

Mar 27 Songs of the Immortals
Mar 30 Yin Yang
Apr 13 Between the Yi and a Quanzhen immortal
Apr 15 Special note on H 19 Approach
May 11 A Magic Spell for the Far Journey
Jun 10 Expulsion of a Quanzhen immortal
Aug 31 Inner Teachings (Zhang Boduan)
Sep 08 Simple note on Ways of Heaven
Sep 11 Daoist virtues (TTC 18)
Sep 27 Short cryptic messages
Oct 01 ‘Dizhonghai’ and ‘Birds Flying’
Oct 04 Middle of hill and ‘green colored land’
Oct 06 When you can do ‘hills pour water’
Oct 19 A touch of Tao
Nov 02 Chu Shen Jin Fa
Nov 07 Zhang Liang, the Daoist
Nov 11 A simple thought

2) Confucian thoughts

Jul 03 A city for Confucius and Mencius
Aug 13 Three types of Man
Aug 05 Desires and vices (Analects)
Sep 02 Deeds of Da Ren and Xiao Ren
Nov 11 A simple thought

3) Buddhist thoughts

Apr 21 Buddhas rest under trees
Apr 23 Light and dark forces
May 03 Twofold entrance to Tao (Bodhidharma)
May 20 Vesak Day
Oct 12 Thoughts on Hsin Hsin Ming (Parts I & II)
Nov 11 A simple thought

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