Monday, November 21, 2005

Short update on WCG 2005

The world’s largest cyber-gaming tournament held in Singapore this year closed yesterday. Over 39,000 spectators gathered to watch 700 top gamers from 67 countries battle it out in eight of the most popular games including Halo 2, Fifa 2005, WarCraft III and Counter Strike (CS). The total prize money on offer was USD 435,000 at the World Cyber Games 2005 grand finals.

As hoped, my son’s team FMJ qualified for the CS quarterfinals after beating Team Norway in the top sixteen, but was outgunned by Team USA - Team 3D. Quarterfinalist teams not placed in the top three received a consolation prize of USD 10,000 each. Team 3D went on to beat Team Canada in the semifinals and Team Kazakhstan in the finals to retain their CS championship title for another year. Team 3D took home gold medals and the USD 50,000 top prize. Good game.

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