Sunday, November 13, 2005

Index to thoughts and comments on the Ancients

For ease of reference, one provides an index to thoughts and comments on the teachings of ancients including those of Laozi, Confucius, Buddha, Zhuangzi and Mencius:

Mar 27 What do the Ancients teach?
Apr 01 Nei Yeh
Apr 02 Te in the Tao Te Ching
Apr 04 The fall and return to Tao
Apr 06 Longevity and Immortality
Apr 19 Most Complete Sincerity
May 01 The center (TTC)
May 14 Hiding the Light (TTC 36 and H 36)
Jun 17 The Center (Ancient thoughts)
Jun 25 The Light
Jul 20 A muse on Chapter 10 TTC
Aug 05 Desire and vices (Analects)
Aug 13 Three types of Man (Da Ren/Junzi/Xiao Ren)
Aug 26 Muse on emptiness and form
Sep 05 Benefit of a good deed
Sep 22 Balanced view on the Legalists (Shiji)
Sep 26 Simple note on Xin Zhai (Zhuangzi)
Oct 29 TTC 40 Return to Tao

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