Sunday, November 13, 2005

Index to Meditation, Art of War and other things

For ease of reference, an index to one’s comments on:

1) Meditation, Qi and healing

Apr 10 One heart / mind
Apr 25 Directory for a day
May 25 A sitting meditation
Jun 03 Focus on the breath
Jul 20 A muse on Chapter 10 TTC
Jul 27 ‘Thermal healing’
Jul 31 Which is shen?
Aug 08 A note on Hun Po (souls)
Aug 10 Safeguards in meditation practice
Aug 26 A muse on emptiness and form
Sep 18 Dreams of a journey to Mars and beyond
Oct 03 Of students and masters
Oct 08 Qi as energy and nuclear reactions within

2) Art of War and related strategies

Jul 05 Ancient war strategies
Jul 18 Historical note on suicides
Aug 29 Overestimating one’s skills
Sep 29 Please spare a thought for the kids
Nov 06 Zhang Liang, a forgotten brilliant Han Daoist
Nov 06 Zhang Liang, the war strategist (P1 and 2)
Nov 07 Zhang Liang, the Daoist

3) Others

Apr 16 Generous review
Apr 27 Hua Hu Ching
Jul 16 A line of intuition or two
Sep 15 Notes on Spirits of Man
Nov 01 Fobbing in courtship and life

Some entries can also appear on other indexes because the thoughts overlapped into other doctrines or fields of studies.

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