Sunday, June 11, 2006

Do not chase after your horse (2)

Just a brief note on what has happened. The Asian stock markets fell on Thursday in tandem with the US market in anticipation of the rise in US interest rates. On the same day, our former Prime Minister’s publicized criticism of his successor dampened the KLSE (Bursa Malaysia) even more.

In line with the Yi’s oracle, one has bought back some GT shares on Thursday and on Friday at an average price of 28. This price represents about a 30% discount from the price, one sold the shares at a week or two ago. (The reasons for the sale were given in the earlier entry.)

If you have interpreted the oracle differently, that is either to do nothing or dispose of the remaining stocks; you may have lost an opportunity to make some more money.

One has purchased back half of what has been sold and may buy a bit more on Monday. In line with the oracle, one expects a rebound of the share market and in particular the GT shares shortly. This time the GT shares may reach the target of 50 or even exceed it.

There will be a further entry to explain the reasons for my interpretation later on. If you have interpreted it the same way as I did, feel free to drop in to comment and share your understanding of the oracle.


Anonymous said...

The oracle seems to indicate that you should not overplay your hand, for then it would no longer be a - "small matter."
(In responding to the changes at hand it is wise to choose a central path.)

In other words hexagram #38.1 would not be an omen to make a large fortune on the stockmarket.

Allan said...

Yes, you are right. A single line or an answer from the Yi will not enable one to make a large fortune from the stock market. But a series of oracles over the years on the same shares may allow the diviner to do so; with the answers interpreted correctly and followed. The teacher will guide the sincere student accordingly.

In line with the ‘small success’, as indicated, one had only bought back half of what was sold. By taking a central path, did you mean, ‘not to do anything’ or ‘to buy back only a small amount of shares’?

Anonymous said...

By taking the central path I mean not making any big plays on the market.

To resolve Opposition is to seek harmony. In the upper trigram yin is in the central
governing place. By it's yin nature line five in the li trigram is to move gently in concert with line two to resolve the opposition.
This yin movement is against a big play which would be yang quality.

So to buy back half is in accord with the small success.

Truly, the sincere student is well guided.