Friday, June 23, 2006

Do not chase after your horse (4)

While the shares analysts still say the market has yet to bottom out, as expected, our share market closed higher this week. The KL Composite Index closed highest for a fortnight ending Friday June 23, 2006.

The GT shares price climbed to 37 before persistent selling by ‘stale bulls’ and profit taking took it to a shade lower close.

Quite a number of Malaysians have started to visit the Blog; therefore one cannot reveal the exact closing price here. Otherwise they can easily catch on to which shares are discussed. One is discussing a case study on Yi divination, and not to give away free tips to all readers on how the particular share will perform in the days to come, before the horse bolts away.

In the meantime, one tends to the horse and ensures everything is alright with it. If you do not take good care of your own horse, it could run away and keep on running, never to return.

For the past several days, by coincidence, some strange things have happened. The wall clock in the lounge had gone haywire and is going faster each day – at the moment, running 2 hours ahead of time. It was a gift from my late father, and I do not really want to replace it. Last week, the timer of the refrigerator broke down and had to be replaced. Thereafter the timer of the washing machine jammed and we are currently waiting for a replacement. Hey, they are all related to timing.

Just in case, some one out there is powerful enough to do these things and try to upset the timing of Yi’s prognostication, be very careful. From experience, somehow one enjoys some heavenly protection. You may not fully understand the powers of Heaven and Tao; and the cause and effect of what you have been or are doing.

Following what the Singaporeans like to say: Don’t Play, Play! (A quote popularized by a Singaporean comedian which means, ‘Do not fool around’ with me.) This is fair warning to those who has intent to injure or harm others.

Well, in the first line of Kui / Opposition, the Yi has also indicated evil people and to guard against mistakes. While the interpretation of evil people can denote that of market manipulators in this case, it can also mean terrorists or those who have every intention to hurt people or the market by devious means. Therefore one has to be careful, lest one gets injured.

With the presence of more Malaysian readers, one will not predict how the market or GT shares will perform next week. That would involve giving away ‘secrets’, and the Image says:

Above fire; below, the lake: The image of Opposition. Thus amid all fellowship the Junzi retains his individuality.

Enough said. Please stay tune for further updates and the unfolding of the Oracle.

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