Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Learning from divinities

Probably many like me are self taught in reading the Zhouyi and in divining. If we have no one to teach us, then we might as well call the Yi, teacher. While there are no strings attached and complete freedom in the studies this way, proper conduct and sincerity would be required towards any teacher, be they human, the Yi and/or divinities. Just like any student who wishes to excel in any type of study, we could acquire more knowledge through further reading, holding discussions with like minded fellows and seeking out the best available teachers to have our understanding of a subject corrected. That is why there are professors, experts, and real masters for every field of study.

For a subject as profound as Yi studies, it would be nigh impossible to find an ancient, a ‘Chen Tuan’, a ‘Shao Yong’, or a ‘Zhu Xi’ nowadays to correct our understanding. Therefore if we can have readily access to consultations with divinities such as Daoist deities and immortals, and Buddhas, take every opportunity to learn from them. Learning from divinities is wealth.

For more than two decades, one is fortunate enough to have such access from time to time and various opportunities to compare notes with what divinities had predicted on the local share market, the timing of events, and the selection of auspicious dates. (No, they do not reveal major catastrophes – these are heaven’s secrets.) If asked, Daoist immortals because of their related learning and cultivation may impart some of their in-depth knowledge of the Yi. By pondering and discerning on what the divinities have said, one has improved upon one’s reading and interpretation of the Yi over the years.

Some of the comparisons, the predicted timing of events, and the knowledge passed on by divinities namely Guan Yin, Daoist immortals, Buddha and the Monkey God have been posted in the blog for sharing.

It goes without saying that divinities will be the best teachers for profound subjects like the Yi and Dao studies. They possess the knowledge, centuries of experience, clarity, and the sincerity to teach the Way of Heaven. And they are the best in predictions (unless the medium is corrupted).

If you ever have a chance to learn from such divinities, value their precious teachings which can be far and few in between.

One leaves a note taken from the ten wings for the earnest and sincere Yi aficionados and Daoists for some reflection:

The transformation of things and the fitting together of them depend upon the changes. Stimulation of them and setting them in motion depend on continuity. The spiritual and clarity depend upon the right man. Silent fulfillment, confidence that needs no words, depend upon virtuous conduct. {The Great Treatise –W/B]

The Way is easy to learn but difficult to attain, yet there have been people who went on to become Daoist immortals and Buddhas. Changes are not easy to grasp, yet there are many including Western men and women whom the Yi speaks to or has spoken to. Heaven is not benevolent (Bu Ren) but is on the side of the good. Go figure.

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DaoisGood said...

Is the Way something learned? Dao is present in everything and non-thing, therefore, is it not something to be uncovered, rather than gained? We can learn much, but as long as we gain, we also lose. In order to diminish oneself in this timing, we must realize the true self and cultivate the garden, discover the meaning of mountains and valleys, the vase and the willow grove. This is why Confucious said, "If I receive Dao in the morning, I can die in the evening." Though this timing is full of many challenges, trials, and catastrophes, so, too it is the most precious timing of all.