Thursday, October 26, 2006

‘Thermal healing’ 2

It would not be a surprise if those who practice neidan (inner alchemy) do not know that they can assist healing using thermal heat from their palms. Even my learned Daoist friend has not heard or read about it when one first mentioned how it is done. Most neidan practitioners would know or have heard about healing with Qi; just using the natural heat from the palms is perhaps more akin to acupressure but that is not it.

As neidan practitioners progress along the Way, they will find that their daily meditation will increase their Qi and thereby improve their health. They may also find, when at rest, that the surfaces of their palms become increasingly hot, the heat can at times be as hot as a hot iron. Obviously at such times, it will not be ideal to use the hot palms to iron clothes but they can be put to better use than that. From observations made on how Buddhas heal the ill with the heated palms of the mediums and with further experimenting one has found thermal heat to be effective in providing relief and quicken the natural healing process.

In the earlier entry on ‘Thermal healing’, one had mentioned that the thermal heat can kill viruses in the throat and can quicken healing of sprains, bruises and wounds. What we will discuss in this entry is perhaps more advanced types of assisted healing using thermal heat from our palms. Unless the heat from the palms is strong, it would be difficult to assist the healing of broken bones, wounds of a diabetic and some brain disorders.

If you place your hot palms on your own thighs and your thigh bones can feel the heat then you would be ready for advanced types of healing. Another test is how many sheets of paper the heat can pass through (which also serves as a good measure of your progress in neidan meditation).

Thermal heat can only assist or quicken healing or kills some types of viruses; it cannot directly cure the ‘patient’. Those ill still have to take their prescribed medicine. Broken bones will have to be reset and held together by things.

For example, my teenage son was hit by a car and his right thigh bone broke into two. One piece had pierced out of his flesh. I took him to the nearest hospital and the surgeon operated on his thigh, straightened the bone, inserted and screwed on two steel plates to strengthen the bone. The steel plates had to be taken out within several months since they would hamper his growth. To assist the healing of the broken bone, one had applied thermal heat on the particular thigh for a few weeks. It would help if you ask the ‘patient’ whether they feel the heat in their bones when you apply this thermal heat. This feedback ensures that the heat from your palms has actually reached the bone.

My teenage son recovered faster than expected and was able to play basketball within two to three months of the operation and reluctantly I allowed him to play football after that. He is almost six feet tall now and luckily does not walk with a limp.

Wounds on a diabetic are difficult or take a long time to heal and can sometimes turn gangrenous. Speaking from experience if we apply thermal heat over the wound for a few minutes, at the most for a few sessions, the wound will heal quickly – remember the diabetic ‘patient’ still needs to have the wound regularly cleaned and to take prescribed medicine, until it is completely healed.

Brain disorders can be a bit trickier. Firstly we need to know what is really wrong with the ‘patient’ and need to look at a scanned photo of the brain to know where to apply the heat. If the disorder such as fits or seizures is caused by a widening of the frontal lobes of the brain, one can apply the heat to that place. From experience, after a regular application of the thermal heat over the frontal lobes for a short period of time, the ‘patient’ may no longer require to take prescribed medication for seizures and fits. After the treatment, the ‘patient’ had not taken any medication and did not suffer any seizures or fits over the past several years. Take note that the ‘patient’ still has to avoid certain foods.

Currently, one has just started to experiment on another brain disorder which is more serious and which the specialists say is difficult and takes a long time to cure. Something related to ADHD. The ‘patient’ is taking prescribed medicine. Off and on, one applies thermal heat to the patient's brain and it seems to work the day after the application, but one cannot be certain of it yet. Therefore it cannot be discussed until one is sure thermal heat can assist or quicken the natural healing process. If the ‘patient’ makes an earlier than expected complete cure then perhaps one will update the information.

After reading through the two entries on ‘thermal healing’, neidan practitioners who find them helpful can first practice on self. If thereafter, they can use this type of healing to help others, especially those who cannot afford to pay increasingly expensive medical bills, in their part of the world for free, it will be for the good. Hopefully high level neidan practitioners will become aware that thermal heat from their palms can assist natural healing of self and others. And if they use ‘thermal healing’ to help the poor and weak, perhaps that would form part of their cultivation.

Every neidan practitioner can reach the stage where their palms will become increasingly hot naturally (while at rest). If you are not there yet, no need to worry. Do not think of success and success will come. Continual practice of the Circulation of the Light meditation will get you there and your Qi can flow 24/7 by then.

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