Monday, October 30, 2006

A link to Heaven

Daoists who frequent Daoist temples to ask about things from deities or immortals are sometimes surprised that the divinities were able to read their minds or know what they have done recently or way back in the past.

How the divinities could read the thoughts and the past actions of these devotees or disciples was a subject of discussion between my Daoist friend and me a couple of weeks back. While both of us may see similar phenomena during meditation, probably just like everyone else, we have our own theories on the link to Heaven. Science does not help much either since it cannot unlock the mind and inform what is and how much data or information is stored within; and how such data and information can be read by psychics and/or divinities.

Perhaps Daoist immortal Lu Dongbin provided some information on how humans are linked to Heaven through the mind in his Secret of the Golden Flower. While one has read the following excerpt many times over the past thirteen years, one is no nearer to discern if such a link exists. Maybe it would strike a key in some one’s mind and bring out an ‘aha’ moment when they read this:

The one effective, true human nature, when it descends into the house of the Creative, divides into animus and anima. The animus is in the heavenly heart. It is of the nature of light; it is the power of lightness and purity. It is that which we receive from the great emptiness, that which is identical in form with the primordial beginning. The anima partakes of the nature of the dark. It is the energy of the heavy and the turbid; it is bound to the bodily fleshly heart. [W/B]

The highlighted paragraph informs us of many things; what happens in the fall from Tao, the duality of light and darkness, and the link to Heaven and Tao. Is it through this link where Divinities can read or reach our minds? Hopefully, someone reading this entry can tell us.

Or you may have to patiently wait …. until either my Daoist friend or me is able to climb up to Heaven to test the link. One can then post a further entry to update readers on how the wireless connection (think unlimited broadband access and internet) actually works.


Casey Kochmer said...

Or the answer can simply be:

We are one of the Tao...

in that we share everything, all one has to do is be receptive to connect to the completeness which is the Tao.


Allan said...

Perhaps so, Casey, and welcome!