Sunday, October 22, 2006


There are a few things that need some updates. One is the tip on timing and the other on Hexagram 51 Zhen.

In the entry on ‘A tip on timing’ [Sept 28 2006] entry, one had indicated that according to my Yi monthly charts, the time is ripe for the low liners to flare up in October. Glad to say that the prices of quite a number of low liners in KLSE had moved up by 30% to 100% over the past three weeks. Therefore if Malaysian readers have bought some of these particular low liners, they would have made some money.

In the entry on ‘Hexagram Zhen’ [Sept 03 2006] entry, one had advised people who live around earthquake prone areas to be wary, since the Zhen hexagram also meant forthcoming earthquakes. Fortunately, the recent earthquakes of a strong magnitude of 6 + did minimal damage to Hawaii and other places. There was also no tsunami.

The shock signified by Zhen is over for the particular share that one bought. After a sudden fall of almost 50%, where one bought a few fold more, its share price has now almost doubled. One is cheerfully waiting for the share price to reach the target indicated by my Yi share investment table earlier.

With no prior warnings from the Zhouyi, there would be no ‘October effect’, this year – that is the world financial markets would not plunge drastically for any reasons, for example like what had happened in 1929 and 1987.

Since one is updating on timing, it appears that what the Yi has told Professor Sam Crane early this year about President Bush has continued to unfold. 2006 is definitely not a good year for the US President. Would you not agree?

The month of November could bring in a lot of changes. Probably he has left it too late to do the things a ruler is supposed to do for the people of USA in line with the Yi oracles obtained by Professor Crane. It has been a long wait – more than a year - and still nothing substantive - for anyone sincere to do good deeds or to rectify the damage done by nature or by humans.

Perhaps President Bush and his people (ministers and advisers) know better, after all it is not easy to change fate. Or perhaps they do not really know nor believe in the Yi.

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