Sunday, January 21, 2007

Contemplation of my life

‘Reflections of my life’ was a popular song by pop group The Marmalade back in the sixties. I used to sing the song accompanied with the strumming of my guitar. It was a good way to attract the attention of girls then. But the song still rolled in my head whenever I find that the Yi told someone to contemplate their life. Here are some of the lyrics that may be relevant to the diviner.

“The changing of sunlight to moon light,
Reflections of my life,
Oh, how they fill my eyes.
The greetings of people in trouble,
Reflections of my life,
Oh, how they fill my mind.

All my sorrows,
sad tomorrows,
Take me home to my own home.
All my crying,
Feel I’m dying, dying,
Take me back to my own home.

I am changing, arranging,
I am changing everything,
Ah, everything around me…..”

If diviners and interpreters cannot understand why in the world the lyrics have to do with contemplation of lives, let us take a look at the third line of Hexagram 20 Guan / Contemplation (View).

The Judgment: Contemplation. The ablution had been made, but not yet the offering. Full of trust they look up to him.

The natural interchange of light (the Sun) and dark (the Moon) nurture the myriad things in Heaven and on Earth. Contemplation or reflections – deep inner concentration - can transform a person.

Six in the third place means: Contemplation of my life, decides the choice between advance and retreat.

When one contemplates his or her own life, the necessity usually arises from a setback in life or from the loss of a dear one. (Therefore: the greetings of people in trouble, the sorrows, the crying and the depression.) It is a time to reflect into the past and ponder how things could have been done better. A time to be alone until a decision has been reached. (The person who has lost the way wants to be taken home.)

Once the Junzi has come to a decision on how to straighten his or her life, changes and transformation for the better can take place. (Refer to the last few verses of the lyrics.)

If we do not look into the past and learn from our mistakes how could we improve in future? Except for the stubborn, when we made mistakes, the wise retreat to contemplate. If our decisions and actions were correct, we then advance quickly.

Since only the third line moves, Guan changes to Hexagram 53 Chien / Development. It follows that the changes made and transformation of the Junzi will be gradual, coupled with good fortune.

Interpretations of prognostications given to individuals can sometimes be as easy and simple as that. Overanalyzing simple answers from the Yi tends to get almost everyone muddled.

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