Tuesday, January 30, 2007

To be blessed by heaven (2)

Shortly after the entry of the same title, by coincidence, the Yi answered Sam Crane’s question on the presidential prospect of Hillary Clinton with moving first and top lines of Hexagram 14 Da You / Possession in Great Measure with a resultant Hexagram 32 Heng / Duration. The top line of Da You means someone blessed by heaven. Sam was so enthusiastic over what Yi has said about Hillary’s prospects that he did not wait to post the oracle in his ‘The Useless Tree’ blog on the usual Fridays. Instead, he posted it on a Tuesday and titled the entry, “Another President Clinton?”

Indeed it is a good prognostication, but as Sam correctly interpreted, Hillary Clinton has much to cultivate before she can expect blessings from heaven. If heaven bless her, the USA and the world would be a happier place for people to live in. If you wonder why one had said that, perhaps we can take a look at what she has to cultivate to be blessed by heaven.

The Judgment :
Possession in Great Measure. Supreme success.

The Image:
Fire in heaven above: Thus the superior man curbs evil and furthers good, and thereby obeys the benevolent will of heaven.

If Hillary can cultivate to become a Junzi or a Da Ren to curb existing evil and furthers good in the US and in the world, is it not for the common good?

Since she has just announced her candidacy for the US President, the bottom line change of Da You is certainly apt. It means :
No relationship with what is harmful; there is no blame in this. If one remains conscious of difficulty, one remains without blame.

The line signals caution in what she has set out to do. If there is no relationship with evil doers, then it is alright. Hillary has just entered the situation in Da You. She has to constantly be aware of the difficulties which lay ahead.

'From the bottom line of Trigram Qian, she has to overcome two lines (probably competitors from her own Democratic Party) before she can reach - Trigram Li - clarity. If she gets clear as indicated by the Yi, she will still need to beat her worthy opponent from the Republican Party represented by the fourth line (a minister) to become the next US President. If she is sincere and truly serve the people, she can win the US presidency. And represent the female in the fifth line which rules over five male lines of the hexagram.'

The top line of Da You means :
He is blessed by heaven. Good fortune. Nothing that does not further.

By giving a changing top line instead of the fifth, the Yi probably wants to indicate that Hillary can do more for the world and thereby receive blessings from heaven. In this second entry, one repeats what Confucius says of this top line :
To bless means to help. Heaven helps the man who is devoted; men help the man who is true. He who walks in truth and is devoted in his thinking, and furthermore reveres the worthy, is blessed by heaven. He has good fortune, and there is nothing that would not further. (Think King Wen.)

Sincerity in serving the people and truth are what the US people have demanded. The whole world wants peace but has no current leader to look up to. A great statesman or stateswoman is sorely lacking to resolve the current crises.

Can Hillary Clinton curbs evil and furthers good in the world?

With the prognostication, the Yi has indicated that she can certainly rise to the challenges ahead and receives blessings from heaven.

In case some world leaders still cannot see it, only true words and sincere actions - like those expected in a husband and wife relationship - can result in duration (Hexagram 32 Heng).

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