Sunday, January 28, 2007

Golden Lights

Running water,
Starts the songs of the immortals.
Sitting still,
Empty trill.

The body shakes,
The head moves,
Qi dives,
Sun rise.

Bows low,
Qi will flow,
Essence follows,
The nowhere land glows.

The body shudders,
The head shakes.
Light blinks,
Clouds and mists.

Clouds filled sky,
By and By,
Reddish blight,
Fluorescence lights.

Behold a moon,
By heaven’s boon.
Qi and Light,
Brightens the night.

Non-being leads,
The lotus twirls,
Arms rock,
A trance like log.

Turns to the past,
Long will the five thieves last.
Go round the eight trigrams,
Stop to face your ancient master.

Golden lights,
What a delight!
Ancients know,
Nothing to show.

All within,
To return to the Origin,
Visit the Center,
Climb the steps of heaven to enter.

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